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America's Best Family Getaways

Tired of the typical family vacation? Why not try one of the America's best family getaways instead? There's no need to venture thousands of miles away when the United States offers numerous local attractions for families to get away for a week or just an afternoon.

These top locations vary in what they offer, with a location and type of getaway available to please almost any family. Families in love with water can visit one of the seaside getaways like Edgartown, Massachusetts, or Chincoteague, Virginia. City lovers can visit the likes of Portland, Oregon, or Providence, Rhode Island.

Families looking for an adventure need not travel far as adventurous getaways can be had right here in the states with locations like Acadia National Park in Maine or Zion National Park in Utah. Even scenic drives make the list, with California's Highway 1 and a drive through the Florida Keys the best for family drives.

Whatever your family enjoys, these locations allow you and your loved ones to make lots of memories with your little ones and other half by going somewhere new as one big brood. Those are the moments that last forever and can be made right here under your nose.

What are the best places for family getaways? That depends on what you're into. This list has it all.

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    Located In: Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, USA
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    Estes Park, Colorado. Gorgeous!

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    Located In: Rocky Mountains
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    Located In: Sierra Nevada, USA
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