united states 16 American Institutions Infiltrated By the Illuminati  

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The Illuminati are said to have infiltrated every aspect of American civilian life, from the White House to your local police department. Defense, intelligence, research, and civil agencies are all under the sway of the All Seeing Eye, using their power to advance the aims of the Dark Cabal in control of the U.S. government. In the United States, Illuminati influence is stronger than ever. Do you wonder if there's Illuminati in the White house, the Pentagon, or other United States institutions? Have you asked if the president is Illuminati? You're not alone. 

Here are 16 American institutions that have (allegedly) been infiltrated by the Illuminati. Some operate in the shadows, others are on your nightly news every night. All are to be viewed with extreme suspicion, for they have important roles to play when the great population purge ushers in the New World Order. It's time to find out the true power of the Illuminati in America. 

President of the United States is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list 16 American Institutions Infiltrated By the Illuminati
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It’s thought by Illuminati experts that every president of the United States, from Washington to Obama, has somehow been linked to the Illuminati. They represent a major link in the chain of control that the Cabal has around our necks, and to ensure the right person is put in charge, all presidential elections are rigged. Any president who steps out of line is removed from office, either through a sham election or mysterious death. 
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Federal Bureau of Investigatio... is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list 16 American Institutions Infiltrated By the Illuminati
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The FBI is thought to be the domestic enforcement arm of the Illuminati. When not brutally ensuring the policies of the cabal are followed, they’re involved in Satanism, rituals, sacrifices, and murder. Almost every head of the FBI has been linked to the Illuminati, and it’s believed they played a major role in carrying out the 9/11 false flag.
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Central Intelligence Agency

The Central Intelligence Agenc... is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list 16 American Institutions Infiltrated By the Illuminati
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Few American institutions are as linked to the Illuminati as the CIA. It’s thought that their aim is nothing less than perpetuating the Illuminati’s goal of global enslavement and New World Order. This is done through the sham War on Drugs, assassinating foreign leaders who don’t “get in line,” and advanced mind control. Of course, they’re also involved in Satanic rituals and blood sacrifices.
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NASA is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list 16 American Institutions Infiltrated By the Illuminati
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There is thought to be a complex web of imagery at work in NASA’s doings. Allegedly, if you look at the time and date of many landings and the relative position of certain stars and planets, you can find hidden signs of worship toward Masonic, Egyptian, and Occult figures.

Many other space-related conspiracy theories posit that NASA is covering up their discovery of alien life on Mars and/or the moon at the behest of their Illuminati masters, allowing time for the cabal to reverse engineer the secrets of powerful weapons and plagues.
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