The Craziest Ancient Rome Sex Scandals

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List Criteria: Vote up the most insane sex scandals from ancient Roman times - those that put Washington, D.C. and Hollywood to shame.

If the Ancient Romans knew how to do anything, it was party. When they weren't busy inventing the aqueduct, concrete, or the basis for the modern calendar, they were discovering new and exciting ways to have fun, sexy times. Sure, every emperor, senator, and nobleman under the sun promoted family values... but when that sun set ancient Rome had the kind of sex that would make the cast of Game of Thrones blush.  

While the Romans probably weren't the first in history to push the sexual envelope, they were some of the first to keep records. Regular talk of affairs, orgies, incest, and sexual contests spun around the rumor mill for centuries. Of course, the Romans weren't above tabloid-level journalism. It's no coincidence that the most perverted rumors were about the most hated emperors... but what's a scandal without some exaggeration?

It wasn't all fun and games, though. Since most of these Roman sex scandals happened to the emperors, that meant most of them ended in either bloody political coups or executions. After all... it's good to be the king as long as people let you stay in power.

So, as crazy as you think Donald Trump and Washington scandals seem... some of the ancient Rome sex scandals on this list may make you appreciate just how far politicians have come over the last two thousand years.

Collection Photo:  Ashmolean Museum
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