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Not much goes on in the desert, so you’re bound to hear a few creepy things when people have a chance to sit down and listen. Arizona ghost stories are a time-honored tradition dating back decades. Mostly centered around hotels and other Arizona haunted places, ghosts and urban legends are littered all over the state. However, most of them aren’t very malicious in nature. Most seem to be lost souls, waiting for some kind of closure.

But there aren’t just ghosts in American Southwest. There are plenty of Arizona legends and horrible creatures. Monster sightings aren’t uncommon in parts of the state, and the fact that Nevada’s Area 51 isn’t too far off means there have been a few notable UFO sightings over the years. So, if you’re curious about some of the weirdest stuff to ever come out of the Copper State, check out the list below and vote up the entries that creep you out the most!

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A Murder Lead to a Famous Hotel Being Haunted

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Since its opening in 1900, the Hotel Weatherford has had a very famous list of guests, including William Randolph Hearst, Wyatt Earp, and President Theodore Roosevelt. But its most infamous guest may be the ghosts of a murdered couple from the 1930s. There have been reports of guests waking up to find a bride and groom sitting on their bed. People have also seen a female figure moving around the hotel ballroom. Distant voices are also regularly heard. 

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The Phoenix Lights

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In 1997, a famous alleged UFO sighting occurred. Unlike most sightings, however, this one was reported by thousands of people all within the same time frame. Two sets of lights were said to be in a triangle-like formation that slowly moved across the sky. Even the governor of Arizona saw the lights and thought of them as “otherworldly.” Of course, the Air Force later said the second pair of lights were flares dropped from an aircraft during an exercise… but that doesn’t explain the first set. 

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Luana's Canyon Echoes with the Voices of the Dead

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During the 1800s gold rush, everyone wanted a piece of the action. A family that headed west built a cabin in the canyon and the father would go out into the mountains to search for gold. He’d come back every few months to provide food for his family, but one month he didn’t come back. His family started starving to death, which drove the mother insane. Instead of watching them die, she put on her wedding dress and chopped her children up. After she realized what she did, she began wailing and begging forgiveness. The mother’s screams can still be heard at night in the canyon

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Stranded Ghosts on Route 85

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A newlywed couple was driving through Ajo, AZ, in the 1950s on the way to their honeymoon at Lake Tahoe. Unfortunately, they were driving at night and didn’t see a huge boulder in front of them until their car slammed into it, killing them both. It’s been said that if you drive around the area at midnight, you’ll encounter their car with the couple alongside it trying to call for help. 

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The Hotel Vendome Suffers from a Multispecies Haunting

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Located in Prescott, AZ, the Hotel Vendome was once the site of heartbreak and death. Abby Byr, her husband, and her cat moved to Arizona to combat her tuberculosis. Every so often, Abby’s husband would go out and get medication for her. But one time he never came back, and a heartbroken Abby starved herself (and, by extension, her cat) to death in Room 16. By the 1940s, many guests started reporting that they saw Abby in her room, still waiting for her husband. Apparently, she’s quite friendly, despite all the sadness. 

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Of Course Tucson's 'Antique Mall' Is Haunted

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It turns out there's a haunted antique mall in Tucson. There's one area that used to be a furniture store with an antique typewriter that hasn't been used for many years, but many people can still hear it typing away. When someone investigated the sound, there wasn't anyone to be found near the typewriter.

There have also been reports of furniture rearranged during the night, radios behaving oddly, time dilation, vanishing figures, and phantom sounds of broken glass. 

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A Suicide Victim Still Haunts a Dorm

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During Christmas Break of 1953, a student at North Arizona University named Kathy was depressed and so poor she couldn’t afford a trip home. She ended up hanging herself and was discovered by the cleaning lady. Her spirit is reportedly still around and causing all sorts of disturbances. Lights go on and off, strange smells pop up, and people have even seen her from time to time. Her favorite pranks are pulling blankets off people who live on her old floor. There have also been reports of her locking girls in the bathroom despite the fact the bathroom doesn’t actually have a lock. 

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The Mogollon Monster

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That's right. Arizona has its own Bigfoot. It's said to be over 7 feet tall, possess incredible strength, and have red eyes. It's also supposed to smell terrible, with the odor describes as similar to a "dead fish, a skunk with bad body odor, decaying peat moss and the musk of a snapping turtle." And it's extremely violent and loves decapitating deer.

Reported sightings have been all over Arizona, with the earliest dating back to 1908, when someone claimed to see the beast near the Grand Canyon. That report claimed the creature had long white hair and two-inch-long claws. There was also a sighting in 1940, which claimed the creature had deep-set and expressionless eyes.

In 2006, a member of the White Mountain Apache Nation claimed there were several sightings of the monster. These reports said the creature was all black, but no one encountered any violence.