Famous Assassination Weapons From History

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Famous weapons used in assassinations and attempted assassinations often become lodged in pop culture lore. Firearms like the Carcano rifle used to kill John F. Kennedy or the pocket Derringer that shot and killed Abraham Lincoln are well-known, infamous, and can be identified by almost anyone.

But many other assassination weapons aren't especially familiar. For example, the pistol that started World War I might be the most famous individual firearm in history, yet almost nobody knows what it is. Likewise, the rifle that felled Martin Luther King Jr. is a common hunting rifle with millions of copies made - but do you know what it actually is? What about the guns that have killed other presidents, prime ministers, and historical figures?

Here are some of the most famous weapons used in assassinations and attempted killings in the past 100+ years. Before that, assassins mostly made due with knives, swords, and poison. The invention of small handguns changed the world and created the most common means of assassination.
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