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20 Videos of Pro Athletes Crying at Press Conferences

Athletes crying at press conferences show a softer, more human side of our favorite professional athletes. All of these professional football, basketball, baseball and hockey players each shed some tears in front of the microphone and with the beauty of online video, we can relive these moments to laugh or cry along with them. They may be finely tuned athletes but as these athletes showed in press conferences, they are not too proud to get emotional for the right reason.

Maybe the most frequent times athletes will break down in tears is when they make the tough decision to retire. For athletes other than Brett Favre, this one-time press conference to announce the decision is nearly as emotionally difficult as the choice to hang 'em up in the first place. Add in the room full of reporters, bright studio lights and dozens of news cameras and that pressure more often than not leads to tears.

Same goes for athletes who for one reason or another are leaving their longtime teams for another. Imagine spending your entire adult life with a company then getting the boot all of a sudden. Some of the greatest athletes ever like NHL legend Wayne Gretzky and Super Bowl-winning quarterback Peyton Manning each went through that and needless to say, plenty of tears were shed.

Other times, athletes break down after an unfortunate incident which put them in the news for the wrong reasons. It could have been something as simple as a bad loss to make NFL players like Terrell Owens or Tim Tebow cry all the way up to allegations of sexual assault, like NBA star Kobe Bryant, or a sad in-game incident causing a major injury, like hockey enforcer Todd Bertuzzi. Each had to face the press regarding the incident and in these cases, each broke down talking about their regret.

We may hold professional athletes on a pedestal but as these examples show, even some of the most popular athletes and the most obnoxious athletes can still be some of the most human and the most emotional, just like us.

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