Authors of Best Balanced Stories About Michael Jackson Authors
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Authors of Best Balanced Stories About Michael Jackson

List Criteria: Balanced accounts on the life and creative artistry of Michael Jackson.

Whether you love Michael Jackson or hate him one thing you have to admit is that he is one of the most written about individuals in the history of entertainment. He published at least two books himself and seems to be literally hundreds written by others. This list is of authors who have provided some of the most balanced accounts of MJ’s life and work. Some in specific articles or books might have been a bit more critical and others a little more adoring but all seemed to be making an attempt at fairness and objectivity.
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    Joseph Vogel

    1981 More
    Vogel's book MAN IN THE MUSIC: THE CREATIVE LIFE & WORK OF MICHAEL JACKSON seems to be the ... more
  2. 2

    Aphrodite Jones

    1959 More
    One of the first authors to maintain and demonstrate Jackson's innocence when he was charged ... more
  3. 3

    Armond White

    Armond White is one of the most respected musical critics to write about MJ. Not everybody ... more
  4. 4
    1957 More
  5. 5
    1957 More
    Nelson George is maybe one of the most experienced and trustworthy cultural geeks around.
  6. 6

    Jordan Sommers, Justyn Barnes, Nate Giorgio and David Nordahl

    Here you have the ultimate Michael Jackson fan book.
  7. 7

    J. Randy Taraborelli

    Taraborelli started writing about Jackson when the singer was still a teenager and he's ...
  8. 8

    Chris Cadman and Craig Halstead

    Several books on Jackson plus on Janet Jackson and the Jackson family.
  9. 9

    Dr. Karen Moriarty

    She's got "Dr." in front of her name so...
  10. 10
    No image
    1950 More
    Maybe one of the harder hitting books on MJ and the costs us superstardom.
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