Awesome Pumpkin Carvings for Thanksgiving Foods

Awesome Pumpkin Carvings for Thanksgiving

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Amazing pumpkin carving photos that will inspire you to create your own, crafty Halloween or Thanksgiving pumpkin! Wait, Thanksgiving?! Yes, you can indeed carve or decorate gorgeous Thanksgiving pumpkins that will add extra flair to your holiday decor. Whether your pumpkin carving on Thanksgiving involves an elaborate turkey pumpkin or a nifty little Thanksgiving pilgrim hat, these photos prove it can be done (and done really well). You can also use carved pumpkins to make gorgeous Thanksgiving centerpieces, filled with flowers and/or candles for a super festive look. Yes, I've included the more traditional, scary Halloween pumpkin carving photos - but I really wanted to show you that carving a pumpkin for Thanksgiving can be lots of fun too!

Thanksgiving pumpkin carving makes sense, if you think about it. You've got access to tons of different sized pumpkins to choose from, and chances are you've already got your pumpkin carving tools handy from Halloween. You can choose a Thanksgiving template to use as a guide for the design, or you can just draw whatever idea you've got on the pumpkin and then carve accordingly. Save the seeds, while you're at it, and you can roast pumpkin seeds for a holiday treat.

For more Thanksgiving goodness, check out this tasty list of the most delicious Thanksgiving side dishes. Need a quick and easy dessert recipe? Cookies! This list walks you through a great gingerbread man cookie recipe. Gobble gobble!

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    Fireside Thanksgiving Pumpkins

  2. 2

    Thanksgiving 'Welcome' Pumpkin

  3. 3

    'Happy Thanksgiving' Pumpkin

  4. 4

    Thanksgiving Autumn Leaves

  5. 5

    Thanksgiving Turkey Pumpkin Carving

  6. 6

    Thanksgiving Turkey Turine Carving

  7. 7

    Indian Pumpkin Carving

  8. 8

    Thanksgiving Pilgrim Hat Pumpkin

  9. 9

    Festive Thanksgiving Pumpkin

  10. 10

    Thanksgiving Pumpkin Flower Vase

  11. 11

    Thanksgiving Pumpkin Votive Holder

  12. 12

    Thanksgiving Pumpkin Centerpiece

  13. 13

    Monogram Pumpkins

  14. 14

    Mini Pumpkin Candle Holders

  15. 15

    Thanksgiving Turkey Pumpkin

  16. 16

    Gypsy Woman Pumpkin Carving

  17. 17

    President Obama Pumpkin Carving

  18. 18

    Frankenstein Pumpkin Carving

  19. 19

    David Letterman Pumpkin Carving

  20. 20

    Creepy Face Pumpkin Carving

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