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Awesome TV Scare Pranks

The scary movies are being broadcasted, the decorations are coming up, candy bins fill the grocery stores, and everyone's getting in the Halloween spirit. With the return of Syfy's "Scare Tactics," here are some clips from some of the funniest, scariest pranks ever broadcasted on the tube.
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    Scare Tactics Rat Monster

    This classic clip from the TV show "Scare Tactics," follows a flamboyant, animal enthusiast to a little nighttime temp job. He has no idea that he is about to be put smack dab in the face of a little person dressed up like a half-rat, half-human mutant nightmare. The reaction is priceless.
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    No No NO Scare Prank

  3. 3

    Scare Prank Gone Wrong

    Real or not? I say real... but who knows... At least we all know who has a mean right cross.
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    Maze Scare Kid

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    Roommate Alien Prank

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