Total Nerd The Worst Comic Book Movie Brand Tie-ins Ever  

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In these halcyon days of comic book movies, you’re not really a franchise until 7-Eleven wants to make a taquito shaped like your ripped torso. Product tie-ins with films have been happening since the dawn of the motion picture, and usually they make sense. But sometimes corporations lose touch with what the man on the street wants to be sold by his favorite comic book character. It’s one thing to buy an Avengers shirt, but do you want those same muscle bound heroes telling you about your city’s brand new public transportation? Or how about themed pretzels based on a guy that wants to commit genocide on the human race? The worst part about the promotional tie ins on this list isn’t that they’re so ridiculous, it’s that someone will more than likely end up buying them, hoping to watch their Silver Surfer quarter increase steadily in value. Check out this list and count how many of these bad comic book movie tie-ins you own.

The promotional tie-ins on this list are some of the weirdest and worst that we could find on the web. Some of them date back to the early 90s when it felt like ad execs were throwing everything they had against the wall to see what stuck, and some are from the last few years. The most recent promotional tie-ins have the nihilistic feeling of, “screw it, comic book nerds will buy anything,” which is a total drag because it’s sort of true.

Vote on the worst bad comic book movie tie-in on this list, and let us know which of these promos you got duped into.
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Spider-Man 3 / The Dark Knight – Burger King’s Dark Whopper

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The Dark Knight doesn't easily offer itself up to promotional tie ins, off the top of our heads we're thinking... Joker School Busses? See? Not easy. In Europe, Burger King released the baffling Dark Whopper that was made with pepper-jack cheese, black-pepper ketchup, and "a darkly delicious sauce" - whatever that is. And if you're saying, "Isn't that the same sandwich they sold when SpiderMan 3 was released?" Well yes, but shut up.
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Transformers Play Shave Set

Transformers Play Shave Set is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list The Worst Comic Book Movie Brand Tie-ins Ever
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Kids love two things, pretending to shave, and machines that turn into other machines. That's why this Transformers play shave set has topped Christmas wish lists for the last half decade, baby!
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Avengers Cologne

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Everyone knows The Avengers smell amaaaaazing, but no one knows how they do it. Turns out their secret spending $30 on their personal colognes.
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Captain America Coolatta and Donut

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Hey kids, you know how Captain America got to be so big and strong? By eating Dunkin' Donuts, that's how!