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Bands/Artists With Only One Great Album

List Criteria: Downvote if you don't like the album or think they have other good ones. No brand new groups.

Bands or artists who produced one great album and never came close to matching it. Vote down if you either don't agree that the one album was great, or if you think they produced multiple great albums. In the spirit of the list, don't vote on albums you don't really know. Most importantly, add more artists who fit this criteria!

There are a bunch of familiar bands on this list. Though they only had one album, Derek and the Dominos featured some of the biggest names in music history and proved to be one of the greatest side bands as well. Whenever you put Eric Clapton and Duane Allman together, transcendent guitar will occur. That's exactly what happened on "Layla," one of the most recognized names in rock history. Derek and the Dominos only have one album to their name, but they made sure it counted. The Sex Pistols are another band with only great album, but that's all they needed. The British outfit are widely credited with being with one of the most important bands in the world not only due to their bratty personalities, but also as one of the pioneers of punk rock. Their brashness and their unapologetic, in-your-face music inspired some of the best bands in the world. Nevermind The Bullocks, Here's the Sex Pistols remains one of the most important albums in punk history and that one great album cemented their status as one of rock's legendary bands

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  1. 1
    Up 199
    Down 80

    the people's #1 & added by Vince Hans Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols

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  2. 2
    Up 165
    Down 45

    Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs

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  3. 3
    Up 94
    Down 73

    Asia "Asia"

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  4. 4
    Up 118
    Down 53

    Blind Faith "Blind Faith"

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  5. 5
    Up 126
    Down 112

    Boston "Boston"

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  6. 6
    Up 117
    Down 85

    Bat Out of Hell "Bat Out Of Hell"

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  7. 7
    Up 88
    Down 63

    added by Dismalhead Metal Health "Metal Health"

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  8. 8
    Up 104
    Down 68

    added by ChangesDownClub Jagged Little Pill Jagged Little Pill

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  9. 9
    Up 111
    Down 155

    often listed & added by WarrenMitchell Appetite for Destruction

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  10. 10
    Up 53
    Down 75

    added by zxray The Cars The Cars

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  11. 11
    Up 41
    Down 39

    added by zxray Chantilly Lace

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  12. 12
    Up 67
    Down 48

    added by zxray In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida

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  13. 13
    Up 81
    Down 67

    ranked low on reranks Bringing Down The Horse "

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  14. 14
    Up 57
    Down 101

    added by Dave_7672 Dire Straits

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  15. 15
    Up 45
    Down 53

    added by zxray Straight Outta Compton

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  16. 16
    Up 50
    Down 77

    added by WarrenMitchell Whenever You Need Somebody

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  17. 17
    Up 97
    Down 207

    added by Dismalhead Thriller "Thriller"

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  18. 18
    Up 94
    Down 92

    ranked low on reranks Back To Black

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  19. 19
    Up 82
    Down 150

    added by Dismalhead London Calling "London Calling"

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  20. 20
    Up 36
    Down 86

    added by greaser68 Youth and Young Manhood Youth and Young Manhood is a rock n roll classic. They became trite and top 40, music for ...

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  21. 21
    Up 37
    Down 61

    added by zxray Some Gave All Some Gave All

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  22. 22
    Up 34
    Down 64

    added by zxray Freedom of Choice Freedom of Choice

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  23. 23
    Up 105
    Down 232

    added by Vince Hans Nevermind

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  24. 24
    Up 81
    Down 65

    ranked low on reranks Tapestry "Tapestry"

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  25. 25
    Up 21
    Down 35

    added by zxray War & Peace War & Peace

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  26. 26
    Up 1
    Down 3

    new! The Way You Look Tonight / You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile, ...

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  27. 27
    Up 13
    Down 48

    added by BarbL Torn Between Two Lovers Torn Between Two Lovers  

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  28. 28
    Up 30
    Down 54

    added by WarrenMitchell Ricky Martin

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  29. 29
    Up 52
    Down 56

    Marquee Moon

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  30. 30
    Up 19
    Down 47

    often listed & added by PeteBoyle K.I.D.S. KIDS

    open report item
  31. 31
    Up 21
    Down 64

    often listed & added by zxray Suicidal Tendencies Suicidal Tendencie

    open report item
  32. 32
    Up 42
    Down 59

    Relish "Relish"

    open report item
  33. 33
    Up 39
    Down 49

    Permission To Land "Permission To Land"

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  34. 34
    Up 36
    Down 22

    ranked low on reranks & added by kuzronk Grace

    open report item
  35. 35
    Up 50
    Down 116

    often listed & added by Dismalhead Van Halen

    open report item
  36. 36
    Up 70
    Down 102

    All Things Must Pass "All Things Must Pass"

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  37. 37
    Up 26
    Down 24

    added by EricStein Grave Dancers Union

    open report item
  38. 38
    Up 25
    Down 27

    added by kuzronk The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill

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  39. 39
    Up 23
    Down 28

    added by LucasRiot Smash

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  40. 40
    Up 25
    Down 32

    added by AF1972 America

    open report item
  41. 41
    Up 16
    Down 20

    added by kuzronk The La's

    open report item
  42. 42
    Up 21
    Down 28

    added by VanRiker Fastway

    open report item
  43. 43
    Up 10
    Down 13

    added by kingbee63 Cheap Thrills Cheap Thrills

    open report item
  44. 44
    Up 9
    Down 14

    added by M-seeStorm It Was All A Dream It Was All A Dream was the only album from this 4 piece girl group

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  45. 45
    Up 12
    Down 21
    No image

    added by BonzoZlata Manassas

    open report item
  46. 46
    Up 14
    Down 27

    added by sangredeargento Is This It

    open report item
  47. 47
    Up 5
    Down 12

    added by M-seeStorm Hoku Her self titled debut album was her only good album... Avoid her 2007 album at all costs

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