Famous Bands from Bangladesh

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List famous Bangladeshi bands and solo musicians, listed by popularity with photos when available. These popular bands from Bangladesh come from a number of different musical genres, including rock, pop, metal, electronic, jam, punk and acoustic. These might not necessarily be the best Bangladeshi bands, but this list contains a majority of the greatest bands from Bangladesh. Music lovers who are looking for new music to listen to can use this list of talented Bangladeshi musicians to discover some great new bands and artists.

The list you're viewing is made up of many different bands, including Runa Laila and Hason Raja.

This list answers the questions, "Which bands are from Bangladesh?" and "Which bands are popular in Bangladesh?"
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    Ayub Bachchu AB is a Legendary Bangladeshi musician,singer,lyricist,Composer, best known as a founding member and the leader of the rock band LRB. more

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    • Genres (Music): Blues-rock, Soft rock, Alternative rock, Progressive rock, Psychedelic rock, + more
    • Albums: Bhatir Gaane, Matir Taane, Wrong Number, Best of Ayub Bacchu
    • Nationality: Bangladesh
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    S.D. Burman is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list Famous Bands from Bangladesh
    Photo: Freebase/Fair use

    Sachin Dev Burman was an Indian music composer. He was one of the most well-renowned Bollywood film music composers. S D Burman composed music for over 100 movies, including Hindi and Bengali films. Apart from being a versatile composer, he also sang songs in light semi classical and folk style of ...more

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    • Genres (Music): Film score
    • Albums: Guide / Jewel Thief, Barood, Anuraag, House No. 44, Jewel Thief, + more
    • Nationality: India
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    Ali Akbar Khan, often referred to as Khansahib or by the title Ustad, was a Hindustani classical musician of the Maihar gharana, known for his virtuosity in playing the sarod. Khan was instrumental in popularising Indian classical music in the West, both as a performer, and as a teacher. He established ...more

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    • Genres (Music): Indian classical music, North Indian Classical, Film score, Hindustani classical music
    • Albums: Legacy, The Great Heritage - Ustad Ali Akbar Khan, Journey, Passing on the Tradition, Music of India, + more
    • Nationality: Bangladesh, India, United States of America
    • Career Began: Comilla, Bangladesh
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    Kazi Nazrul Islam is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list Famous Bands from Bangladesh
    Photo: Freebase/Public domain

    Kazi Nazrul Islam is the national poet of Bangladesh. He was also a Bengali polymath, poet, writer, musician and revolutionary. Popularly known as Nazrul, his poetry and music espoused Indo-Islamic renaissance and intense spiritual rebellion against fascism and oppression. Nazrul's impassioned activism ...more

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    • Nationality: Bangladesh, India, British Raj
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    Pannalal Ghosh is listed (or ranked) 5 on the list Famous Bands from Bangladesh
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    Pannalal Ghosh, also known as Amal-Jyoti Ghosh, was a Bengali Indian flute player and composer. He was a disciple of Allauddin Khan, and is credited with giving the flute its status in Hindustani classical music. more

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    • Genres (Music): Film score, Hindustani classical music
    • Nationality: Bangladesh, India
    • Career Began: Kolkata, India
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    Alamgir is a versatile singer born in India and is one of the pioneers of the Urdu pop music in Pakistan. His style of singing is inspired by playback singer Ahmed Rushdi. In April 2013, Alamgir joined Meesha Shafi, String, Ali Azmat and Shahzad Hasan as a judge on the immensely popular singing talent ...more

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    • Genres (Music): Pop music
    • Albums: Qarar, Superstar, Aaina, Hum Sab Ka Pakistan, Best of Alamgir Vol 1, + more
    • Nationality: Bangladesh, Pakistan
    • Career Began: Karachi, Pakistan
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    Allauddin Khan was a Bengali shorodi and multi-instrumentalist, composer and one of the most renowned music teachers of the 20th century in Indian classical music. In 1935, he toured Europe, along with Uday Shankar's ballet troupe, and later also worked at his institute, 'Uday Shankar India Culture ...more

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    • Genres (Music): Hindustani classical music
    • Albums: Allauddin Khan Saheb Volume 1
    • Nationality: Bangladesh, India
    • Career Began: Bengal, India
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    Bari Siddiqui is listed (or ranked) 8 on the list Famous Bands from Bangladesh
    Photo: Freebase/Public domain

    Bari Siddiqui is a Bangladeshi singer is a song writer, flutist and folk musician of Bangladesh. He got his lesson on folk and classical music from Gopal Dutta and Ustad Aminur Rahman. He started his musical career in 1981 and got fame singing in the film Sharbon Megher Din in 2000. He was the only ...more

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    • Genres (Music): Folk music, Classical music, Hindustani classical music
    • Nationality: Bangladesh, India
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