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Bands That Will Get You Into a Hipster's Pants

This list has a lot of cool hipster bands. How does one seem to keep up with the cutting edge without obviously being a poser? It is hard to do because in the hipster world everything is about liking bands because they are cool and not because other people like them. It's a hard thing to do because most hipster bands that your friends will tell you about are already mainstream. Take a look at this list of hipster bands and maybe you'll be able to fit in just fine.

How can you make that hot hipster think you're hip as well?
First of all, don't try to like the "coolest" or most "up and coming" hipster band of the moment, because it's always possible that they're already passe in the hipster world. Instead, stick with the classics and a few things no one has heard of. Hipster bands are not hard to find and after looking at this list maybe the hipster within you will jump out and show you.

Listen to these bands, read a little bit about them, and mention them in passing... And remember to use a condom because this list of hipster bands is guaranteed to deliver.
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    Without the Fall, there would be no indie rock. Sonic Youth, Pavement, and just about everyone awesome cites the Fall as a huge influence. They were John Peel's favorite band-- enough said. (If you don't know who John Peel is, you have no hope of getting hipster booty.)

    The discography is huge, so go with the two generally accepted best albums: Hex Enduction Hour and Perverted By Language, and one recent album, The Real New Fall LP.

    If he or she is a misanthropic, political, intellectual rock and roll snob, you've made it.

  2. 2
    Nothing says hip like politically conscious underground hip hop.

    Liking the Coup sends many important messages to your hip f*ture bedmate:
    -you are not racist
    -you are political
    -you have good taste in hip hop

    Extra points if you see Boots Riley give a lecture at a local liberal arts college.

  3. 3
    Yes, you're probably thinking: "huh? the Smiths? They're pretty mainstream..."

    Sure, but you should know their work backwards and forwards, because every hipster does. (Same goes for the Velvet Underground, David Bowie, the Pixies, etc.) The key is to know enough about the Smiths that you can make fun of them.

    One good Morrissey joke goes a long way.

  4. 4
    Prince will get you into ANYONE'S pants.

  5. 5
    France Gall's classic French 60's pop will prove that you don't take yourself TOO deathly seriously, while still giving you European street cred. Great way to impress a well rounded, Renaissance hipster to fall for your light-hearted yet endearing musical tastes.


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