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Battle Of The Ages: Old Beauties Vs. Young Beauties

List Criteria: Old or Young- Vote up for the category of women that you think looks the best.

As I always say, I'm a man of the people. That's one reason I love Ranker so much, because it allows me to see other people's opinion. So for this list I was wondering if the people of Ranker like older women or younger women better. I have 24 beautiful celebrity women on this list 12 older and 12 younger, vote up for the type of women you like better. I'm leaving the list open, just in case you think I forgot somebody. Enjoy!
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    Old Beauty- Born on July 26, 1973. (Age 39)

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    Old Beauty- Born on May 25, 1973. (Age 39)

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    Old Beauty- Born on February 11, 1969. (Age 43)

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    Old Beauty- Born on September 2, 1966. (Age 46)

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    Old Beauty- Born on November 5, 1964 (Age 48)

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