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"Beautiful Creatures" movie quotes tell the fantastical tale of a young powerful teen forced to choose between her family of witches and her mortal boyfriend. The supernatural romance movie was adapted into a screenplay by Richard LaGravenese based on the novel of the same name by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. LaGravenese also directed the film which released in the United States on February 14, 2013.

In "Beautiful Creatures," viewers are introduced to Lena Duchannes (Alice Englert), the teen daughter of a powerful family of Casters. Upon arriving in the town of Gatlin, Lena is immediately deemed an outcast due to her family's issues in previous towns. She does however find comfort in the arms of one mortal teen boy, Ethan Lawson Wate (Alden Ehrenreich). This relationship is strained though by the fact that not only is Lena a Caster and Ethan a mortal but Lena has a very big life change soon approaching.

As a Caster, when a girl turns 16, her powers are claimed for either the light or dark sides based on which is deemed true in her heart, good or evil. For Lena, this claiming is coming in only a matter of days. While her father, Macon (Jeremy Irons), is trying to help Lena towards the light side, Sarafine (Emma Thompson), the most powerful dark Caster of all, will stop at nothing to claim Lena for the dark side. Viola Davis and Emmy Rossum co-star in the film.

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Everybody's Whispering About Me

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Lena: "Just hate hiding all the time, feeling like everybody's whispering about me?"

Savannah: "Is that her? My mama says her whole family are Satanists."

Lena's feelings of being out of place are not irrational thoughts. In fact, her classmates go as far as talking smack about her when she's barely 10 feet away from her.
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I Like You

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Ethan: "I like you."
Lena: "You don't now anything about me. You don't know who I really am inside. I don't know who I'll be."

Ethan is initially smitten with Lena but Lena on the other hand has her reservations about opening up to him. She knows her life is different from his, her being a Caster and him a mortal, and she knows that means she cannot have a normal relationship with him.
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My Family's Different

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Lena: "My family's different. We have powers."
Ethan: "Are you a witch?"
Lena: "We prefer the term Caster."
Ethan: "I'm just trying to figure this out. So you have powers, okay. What else can you do?"
Lena: "I collect poetry. I'm not meant to show a mortal any of this."
Ethan: "Tt's okay"
Lena: "No, I shouldn't have… You know, I just hate hiding all the time, feeling like everybody's whispering about me, people finding out I'm this freak. Sometimes I just want to be normal… What are you smiling at?"
Ethan: "Lena, you're a miracle. Why would you ever want to be normal?"

Against her better judgement, Lena explains to Ethan about her powers. She years to be normal, like him, but he sees her uniqueness as nothing short of a miracle.
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She's More Powerful Than Either of Us

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Macon: "Sarafine"
Sarafine: "The curse has already begun."
Macon: "Lena will not turn dark. She's too strong."
Sarafine: "She's going to be more powerful than either of us. She will lead us all…"
Macon: "Toward what?!"
Sarafine: "Mortals have run things for long enough. Lena will put an end to them."

Arguing over whether Lena will be claimed by the light or the dark, Macon and Sarafine have differing opinions of what is best for Lena. For Sarafine, this best path involves world domination.
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If She Goes Dark

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Ridley: "If she goes dark, will you shut her out too? You think Lena's a good girl now, but it won't matter. You think you can keep Lena the same? Wasn't I so good, so innocent before I was claimed? And look at what I am now."

Clearly a wee bit butthurt about her own claiming, Ridley gets a bit nasty at a family dinner. Ridley was sweet and innocent before her claiming then afterwards everything changed, and not for the better.
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You Want to Be a Normal Human?

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Ethan: "Really, is this necessary? I'm agreeing with you. Okay, I'm just a dumbass mortal who can't make his own thunder but I know there's no way we're going to figure this out is if you stop feeling so damn sorry for yourself all the time."
[Lena screams]
Ethan: "Go ahead. Start an earthquake. See where it gets you. Everybody has to deal with s*** in their lives, Lena."
Lena: "What are you yelling at me for?"
Ethan: "You want to be a normal human? What do you think that is? We don't have powers to just change things whenever we like. Being human is feeling bad. It's feeling pissed off. It's feeling scared and not being able to do anything about it until you don't feel that way anymore, until you can just see your way out of it. And I yelled at you because I care about you. That's what normal people do when they love each other when one of them is acting like a brat. Now would you please stop raining on me."

The differences between Lena, a Caster, and Ethan, a mortal, are exemplified as both deal with a stressful situation. Ethan deals by yelling at Lena while Lena goes a bit bigger by creating a thunderstorm.
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You Control Your Own Nature

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Macon: "Sarafine is the most powerful dark Caster of all."
Lena: "So I'm going to be claimed for the dark no matter what?"
Macon: "No, you control your own nature and loving this boy puts you in terrible danger! You'll get the both of you killed."
Ethan: "There's gotta be a way…"
Macon: "Get out!"

Macon lays out the brutal truth to Lena's claiming noting that Sarafine, the most powerful Caster of all, has her eye on Lena. This is not good news for Lena or Ethan but not all is lost. Lena holds her destiny in her hands.
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We Can Rule Over a New World

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Sarafine: "There's darkness in you. Don't you try and deny it. Accept it, sweetheart. Be with me. We can rule over our a new world, our world."

Sarafine makes a pitch to Lena in an attempt to get her over to the dark side. She doesn't skimp on it either, offering Lena the world, their world.