35 Awesome Behind the Scenes Pictures of Movie Monsters

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This list of cool behind the scenes pictures of movie monsters features photos from the sets of your favorite monster movies. See what both the real Frankenstein and Young Frankenstein looked like when the cameras stop rolling, along with many other monsters from film. Extra-terrestrial monsters range from E.T. (monsters can be nice!) to the alien from Alien. Check out a young Leonardo DiCaprio hanging out on the set of Creepers 3 and many other notable horror film actors as well.

Behind the scenes photos of award-winning monster films are collecteed here for your viewing pleasure. Godzilla comes out a lot less threatening-looking and the Creature from the Black Lagoon looks downright adorable. The Hollywood movie magic is revealed behind the horrific creations that haunted our screens and our nightmares.

Which movie monsters are the scariest? Which scary movie pics of these horrifying creatures from film have the coolest makeup? What favorite movie monsters do you want to see behind the scenes? Click through the list below for classic monsters enjoying their time on set.
Collection Photo:  Compass International Pictures
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