20 Unforgettable Behind The Scenes Images From The Harry Potter Movies

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What could be better that watching a Harry Potter movie for the 27th time? That's right, getting a glimpse at some of the most wonderful behind-the-scenes photos from the Harry Potter movies. For many people, the Harry Potter books and movies were crucial parts of childhood. Who didn't beg their parents to drive them to the nearest Borders when The Goblet of Fire came out? Who didn't wait in line, in full Potter regalia, for a midnight showing when The Prisoner of Azkaban was released?

While there will likely be no more Potter movies with the classic cast, one can always relive the memories by watching the movies again. Now, you can even feel what it must have been like to hang on set with the kids during filming, thanks to the glory of the Internet and these wonderful Harry Potter set pictures!

Collection Photo: Warner Bros.
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