The Best (and Worst) Rap Albums Put Out By Athletes Bands/Musicians

The Best (and Worst) Rap Albums Put Out By Athletes

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All athletes want to be rappers. Some have tried, most have failed. Here's a look at some of the more memorable rapletes. These are simultaneously the best, and worst, rap albums put out by athletes. Note though if you are a successful rapper, it is a good idea to include an athlete in your video, usually wearing an obnoxious chain. If you are however, a successful drug dealer, don't include your friend who's from your hood, but made it in the NBA in your video entitled, "Stop Snitching". It will not look good for your friend.
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    I don't know what's worse, that there's no actual music video for this song (that was from the 2000 album "Visionz", which was never released because Columbia Records thought it was that bad) or the fact that you never do figure out if she loves him or his cash. I think if Kobe could hire a record producer and manager as skilled as his lawyers, he might have a hit record. Or he could just stick to playing basketball.
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    For some reason the song "Biological Didn't Bother" is one of those songs that randomly gets stuck in my head. Shaq actually didn't fail as miserably as his other raplete colleagues, but I would still say he's a better athlete than rapper. Is he a better rapper than free-throw shooter? Welll.....
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    For some reason, I have a few Ron Artest songs on my Ipod. That reason is, to me, the songs are hilarious. When his album first came out it was described by one of my friends as a "solid gold piece of s**t". Translation: the album is produced really well. So, it's like looking at a solid gold piece of s**t. At first, you're like that is s**t, don't paint it gold and try to tell me it's not. But then you're like, but it's gold, and that's kind of awesome.

    Also, I've never been able to find it, but I do remember one of his sample songs on his myspace page had a line that went something like, "And no girls under ages, we don't want no court cases".

    And I miss following @RealRonArtest on twitter. Yes I know it wasn't him, but whoever it was, they were hilarious.
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    I actually heard about this album on NPR, which is where I get most of my hip-hop news. Not sure if you heard, but Souljaboy is going to become a regular anchor on NPR, reporting mostly on situations in the Middle East.

    The album got mentioned on NPR because it was actually never released due to the fact that the lyrics were thought to be overly offensive to women and homosexuals...are you kidding me? Yes, it's offensive, but have you heard 95% of what's on the radio today? It's okay to release a song where Ludacris says "We're gonna need a stretcher when you see how far I can stretch your legs?" Where do you draw the line?
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    Deion Sanders & Hammer

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    I had to include this one, because it's the Gold Standard for Rapletes. This never should have happened. This song, the song Nelly did with Tim McGraw and the Holocaust, all things that never should have happened.

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