The Best Action films Films

The Best Action films

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List of great action movies that give the action genre a good name(that means no Michael Bay). With memorable characters, good stories, cool dialogues & loads of stunts & action, these are the films you'll never get tired of watching.

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    An African American mafia hit man who models himself after the samurai of old finds himself targeted for death by the mob.(from imdb).
    Part mob film, part art film, this movie redefines the action genre & put it in another level.
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    "I don't know who you are...", the best monologue in an action film ever.
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    The Bourne Identity
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    The first of a legendary trilogy worthy of a marathon.
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    Police Story
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    The stunt work & action here would make the Expendables cry. You'll be screaming "Oh SH*T" the whole time.
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    The heroine archetype for all of Luc Besson's films. Love the short hair & boots. An early "Leon" played by Jean Reno also appeared in the film.
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    God of Gamblers
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    Is it really just luck or do you train to be a God of Gambler? Were you just born with it or did he have a master? And how do you know if you got what it takes to be a god of gamblers? Want to know more? Sign up now & get a free stack of cards...
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    The Hunted
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    No man should ever walk this earth without a knife.
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    Kiss of the Dragon
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    I always have dreams of me being chased by someone or thing or Akuma, so when I saw this film I can immediately relate to Jet Li running around & hiding & running & fighting.
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    The Transporter
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    Scrap the other two sequels this is the only Transporter worth watching.
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    No rigs, no wires, just plain old human magic dust & you have this.
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