The Best Air Staplers Products
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The Best Air Staplers

List Criteria: All air staplers and pneumatic staplers count for these rankings

List of the best air staplers currently available on the market, as ranked by consumers. Busy carpenters and do-it-yourselfers depend on good air staplers to help quickly assemble trim, repair furniture, cabinet work, floor decking, roof sheathing, soft wall sheathing, vinyl siding, insulation and other fine finish applications. Consumers trying to do their own home improvement will find that power staplers can save them a lot of time, angst and eventually money down the road. Air-powered staplers are also known as pneumatic staplers--so if you are looking to compare either of those products you are in the right place.

So which air staplers are the best tool on the market? Generally, the best pneumatic staplers work fast, are precise and create straight, sturdy lines of staples. You can use this list of top air staplers to inform your decision, compare prices, find cheap air staplers and be confident that you are buying the best power tools available online.
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    The AT-P50-10B plier stapler is designed for use with SB103020 type staples. Durable design and double-length magazine allow for continuous use even in tough industrial applications. Optimal working conditions are guaranteed by the built-in air-regulator. The AT-P50-10B tool provides a strong, tight clinch without breaking the corrugated surface.

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    Bostitch Model JB600 is a precision-built tool designed for high speed, high volume stapling. Operating Pressure: 70-120 PSI (4.9-8.43 kg/cm2)

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