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The Best American Idol Contestants Ever

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Who are the best 'American Idol' contestants ever? As the FOX reality singing competition show continues on after a dozen seasons, the list of great Idol contestants continues to grow. 'AI' is a force to be reckoned with, and it's certainly among the best reality TV shows in recent memory. Which artist do you believe is the best AI alum of all time? Vote for your favorites, vote down any you just can't stand (yes, Sanjaya is on the list so have at it) and, if your personal favorite isn't listed, add that contestant, please.

Here's the thing about 'American Idol': Most of the winners are genuinely outstanding singers and have gone on to enjoy great success in the music world. It's hard to argue that Kelly Clarkson, the very first 'AI' winner from season one, isn't a phenomenal talent and a force in the music industry. She's definitely one of the best female vocalists around.The same goes for country songbird Carrie Underwood, who won 'Idol' in the show's fourth season. She went on to become one of the most celebrated female vocalists of the past 10 years. And Phillip Phillips, the singer-songwriter who took the 'American Idol' crown in 2012, is enjoying a great deal of success with his debut album, 'The World from the Side of the Moon.'

One thing about this list of favorite 'American Idol' contestants: Many of the best artists didn't actually win on the show. Some were runners up, while others finished in the top five before getting booted off. 'Idol' runners up who went on to become major stars include Katharine McPhee, Adam Lambert, David Archuleta and Clay Aiken are all good examples. Oh, and guess what? Top five finishers who went on to great success would certainly include rocker Chris Daughtry, country singer Kelly Pickler and certainly Jennifer Hudson. J-Hud finished *seventh* on 'Idol' in season three, and went on to win an Academy Award for her performance in the movie 'Dreamgirls.'

Enjoy this list of 'American Idol' contestants, don't forget to vote. You can also re-rank this list in any order you want. While you're at it, why not cast your vote for the person you believe would be the next great 'American Idol' judge, too?
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    most listed Country pop, Pop music, Contemporary Christian music

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    the people's #1 Adult contemporary music, Blues-rock, Blue-eyed soul

  3. 3
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    Rock music, Pop rock, Post-grunge

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    Pop music, Rock music, Electronic music

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    Pop music, Contemporary R&B, Soul music

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    Down 117

  7. 7
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    Pop music, Contemporary R&B, Rhythm and blues

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    Rock music, Folk music, Indie rock

  9. 9
    Up 217
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    Country pop, Pop music, Country

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    Blue-eyed soul, Pop music, Folk rock

  11. 11
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    often listed & ranked high on reranks Christian music, Pop music, Teen pop

  12. 12
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    Blue-eyed soul, Pop music, Teen pop

  13. 13
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    ranked low on reranks & added by First L Pop music, Rock music, Gothic metal

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    often listed Blues-rock, Rock music, Acoustic music

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    added by newdinfl Rhythm and blues, Jazz, Soul music

  16. 16
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    Christian music, Country rock, Pop rock

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    Indie pop, Christian music, Pop music

  18. 18
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    added by newdinfl Adult contemporary music, Pop music, Electronic dance music

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    added by First L Christian music, Pop music, Contemporary R&B

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    added by newdinfl Rock music, Folk rock, Alternative rock

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    No image

    added by JohnHernandez Jessica Sanchez

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    Down 31

    added by newdinfl Pop music, Contemporary Christian music, Pop rock

  23. 23
    Up 86
    Down 123

    added by newdinfl Pop music

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    Up 17
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    added by newdinfl Blue-eyed soul, Pop music, Contemporary R&B

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    Down 188

    often listed & ranked high on reranks Glam metal, Progressive metal, Groove metal

  26. 26
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    Down 39

    added by KrisAbosamra Rock music

  27. 27
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    Down 78

    ranked low on reranks & added by newdinfl Contemporary R&B, Rhythm and blues, Soul music

  28. 28
    Up 99
    Down 72

    ranked low on reranks & added by newdinfl Contemporary R&B, Rhythm and blues, Jazz

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    added by newdinfl Pop music

  30. 30
    Up 24
    Down 16

    added by delicio Pop music, Rock music, Jazz fusion Pop, Jazz

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    No image

    added by JJHerkenhoff Caleb Johnson Heavy metal, Rock music, Hard rock

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    new! & added by JJHerkenhoff Jena Irene Alternative rock, Rock music, Pop music

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