sports The Best Athletes of 2013  

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List Rules Top athletes of the year, judged only by their performances during 2013 seasons

The best athletes of 2013 are the league leaders, most valuable player award winners and widely regarded as the top players in their respective sports. They might not play against one another on the field or court but that doesn't stop anyone from ranking them all head to head to select the top athletes of 2013.

When selecting 2013's best athletes, many perennial favorites once again top the list. LeBron James once again led his Miami Heat to the NBA Championship. Peyton Manning, now at the helm of the Denver Broncos, is impressing NFL fans across the globe. Serena Williams continues to dominate in the world of tennis. All have been on the best athletes of the year lists before and show little signs of stopping now.

But how do you compare one top athlete in one sport to a fellow leader in another? That's where it gets tricky. Johnny Manzeil might be the top college football player of 2013 but can he compare to top fantasy football performer of 2013 Adrian Peterson? David Ortiz won the World Series MVP when his Boston Red Sox brought home the championship but is his performance better than that of top soccer stud Cristiano Ronaldo?

However you rank these best athletes of 2013, do so below! You can also add those not listed and re-rank this list of the top athletes of 2013 your way.