Best Athletes of All Time (In my Opinion) People In Sports
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Best Athletes of All Time (In my Opinion)

List Criteria: Open to all amateur or professional athletes in any sport

Sportsmanship I think is such an underrated trait in the world today, so this list reflects a lot of that bias.
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    #1 on the original list 1961 Best Hockey Player in every aspect- almost 1000 more points than anyone else, almost 200 more ...

  2. 2

    #2 on the original list 1963 Inspirational, an athlete driven to perform to the highest level and keep going. Always a fair ...

  3. 3

    #6 on the original list 1986 The fastest man ever, who keeps breaking his own records... enough said. 

  4. 4

    #4 on the original list 1940 The best player of the world's most popular sport.

  5. 5

    #29 on the original list 1987 More goals than anyone in one year (2012) and the best all round player in the world of the ...

  6. 6

    #37 on the original list 1978 Top scorer in World Cup history and only player to ever score 5 goals in back to back ...

  7. 7

    #8 on the original list 1985 Gold is this guy's middle name, unbeatable and determined are the best words to describe this ...

  8. 8

    #454 on the original list 1974 Under 6 feet? You want to play basketball and be good?...... enter Mr. Nash. A role model to ...

  9. 9

    #787 on the original list 1970 Without a doubt one of the most unselfish leaders in the NHL, maybe tied with Iginla or Sakic.

  10. 10

    #40 on the original list 1969 Best keeper in the history of the game and a fair player at that- one of only 15 players to ...

  11. 11

    #26 on the original list 1936 Wilt the Stilt, fantastic player to watch and with 100 points in one game, he is he king of ...

  12. 12

    #523 on the original list 1969 Captain Clutch Joe Sakic was the perfect player, Gretzky without the "don't hit him" ...

  13. 13

    #398 on the original list 1987 Phenomenal tennis player to someone sick of hearing of Federer and Nedal, and who can show ...

  14. 14

    #44 on the original list 1965 Talent + Size + Speed is an unusual mixture but #66 had it and he is widely considered to be ...

  15. 15

    #100 on the original list 1945 Fantastic soccer player for Germany and Bayern Munich. In 1972 he had 85 goals in one year, a ...

  16. 16

    #202 on the original list 1972 Most influential female athlete in the world in my opinion, and I would be being sexist to not ...

  17. 17

    #120 on the original list 1985 Despite the controversy, this Portuguese star is arguably the most successful, talented player ...

  18. 18

    #70 on the original list 1978 Do I have to explain why he's here? I really hope not.

  19. 19

    #323 on the original list 1980 A great player with no cheapness or dirtiness about his playing style. He always gives his all ...

  20. 20

    #38 on the original list 1975 Winning was always in the equation; his name is based on a type of club and a ferocious ...

  21. 21

    #77 on the original list 1984 The most skilled player in the NBA right now, in my opinion at least.

  22. 22

    #568 on the original list 1983 The heart of Canadian Women's soccer, Sinclair has had just as much of a positive influence on ...

  23. 23

    #78 on the original list 1948 The best defence player ever, with his iconic leap across the net to win the 1970 Stanley ...

  24. 24

    #825 on the original list 1975 Canadian Olympic Triathlete with a fantastic career. His Olympic gold in 2000 is a text book ...

  25. 25

    #221 on the original list 1980 Tremendously skilled player with a huge amount of modesty and unselfishness. His passing ...


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