The Best Bands You've Never Heard Of Albums

The Best Bands You've Never Heard Of

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You probably haven't heard of half of these bands - but if you're like me, and were a total scene kid in high school that went to shows and concerts every weekend.. well, then maybe you have.

Either way, these bands are definitely worth listening to. If you like alternative, electronica, or screamo - check out this list of the best bands you've never heard of. Your new favorite band might just be waiting right here.

This is a work in progress.. there are still a few more of the best band you never heard of to add, so be sure to check back!

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    Copeland This is my favorite Copeland album of all time. The one below, "In Motion", is great as well. Copeland is probably one of my all-time favorite bands.

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    In Motion Copeland

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    Anberlin Best album EVER. And my favorite album from Anberlin.

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    Underoath I love every track on this album. I also love Underoath because they are a secular band- but you would never know.

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    Hellogoodbye I will forever and always love this band. Can they come out with a new single, already?

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    Why Do I Do? I.Love.Him. The song "Don't Leave" brings tears to my eyes every time...

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    Based on a True Story The Starting Line Another album I could listen to three times in a row and not get bored of. Every single song is amazing.

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    Closing Down the Pattern Department

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    "Hello, good friend." The Rocket Summer

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    Destination: Beautiful Mae

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    Translating the Name

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    The Frequency E.P.

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    Into the Fire Phoenix If you don't already know who they are- you should. You should also download this whole album and listen to "Listomania" and "1901" on repeat.

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    Maybe I'm Dreaming Owl City

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    Of June

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    Bounce I love the song "Bounce". MSTRKRFT does some awesome remixes, too.

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    Dear Diary, My Teen Angst Has a Body Count From First to Last

  23. 23

    If Only You Were Lonely Hawthorne Heights

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    The Fall of Troy The Fall of Troy F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X. will always be one of my favorite songs. A hardcore band with some great hits.

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    Found in the Flood The Bled

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    Menos el oso Minus the Bear

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    Circa Survive

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    Sin, Sorrow and Sadness

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    Forgive the Silence Novice I think I went to a Novice show every single weekend of my junior year... I'm not even kidding.

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    Interrupting the Scenery Novice

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    Expose The Flaw Expose The Flaw

  32. 32

    Even If It Kills Me Motion City Soundtrack

  33. 33

    Hi, Everything's Great Limbeck

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    Everything in Between Matt Wertz

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    Anything Else but the Truth The Honorary Title

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    Immortality "Naked Girl" is one of my favorite songs.

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    The Virgins The Virgins

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    If You Could Only Keep Me Alive I just discovered these guys... but they're awesome. One of the best alternative bands I've heard in a while. No nasal-y punk-y voices, just good music with good lyrics.

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    Can't Stop Won't Stop The Maine

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