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The Best Calendar Apps

List Criteria: Can be for iPhone or Android

The best calendar apps can help anyone stay on top of a busy schedule, remember important dates, or just keep you on track with the date. The best calendar app for iPhone may not be the same as the best calendar app for Android, but that’s okay. I’ve covered all the bases for you on this one. There’s even one or two of the best calendar apps for iPad on the list.

So, what exactly should a great calendar app do for you? Well, there are many features and benefits that should be considered as “must have” for any entry on this list. First and foremost should be the ability to add events and / or tasks that need to be completed on a specific date. From there, you should be able to specify whether the task is an all-day event, or if it has a set time frame within that date. Next, you should have the ability to set a reminder, whether that reminder is sent to you by e-mail, text message, or a reminder on your phone’s notification system. Just some way for the app to remind you on time of what you’re supposed to be doing next. Last, but certainly not least, should be the ability to sync with the app’s version online and on your PC. Granted, all calendar apps may not have an online or PC component, but most of them will at least allow you to sync with existing calendars such as the Google Calendar or iCal.

If you’re still wondering why you would need a calendar app, I suggest downloading the top one or two apps on this list and trying them for yourself. I believe that you’ll find them to be indispensable tools for everyone, from the business professional who needs to stay on top of his appointments to the stay-at-home mom who wants to do meal plans ahead of time. The best calendar apps are just the thing you need.

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    Week Cal

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    Cozi Family Calendar and Lists

    Cozi makes your phone the ultimate family organizer with a shared calendar, grocery shopping ... more
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    Business Calendar

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    Organizer for iPhone

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    Pocket Informant

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    new! CalPad

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    Rabotan ToDo Calendar

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    Calendars by Readdle

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    Touch Calendar

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