The Best Celebrity Lips (Men)

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A list of the sexiest male celebrity lips. In Hollywood, a full, kissable pair of lips separates leading men from plain actors. The hottest men in the world, have, no surprise, some of the best celeb style and the sexiest lips to match. The hottest men in the world have a variety of mouth shapes and sizes, and lips that reveal pearly white teeth that they show off at movie premieres, awards shows, and in the general public as they peek out at us with their captivating celebrity eyes. Prepare to pucker up for a gallery of sexy lips belonging to famous actors, singers, and entertainers. These aren't merely guys with big lips– they are guys with sexy, big lips.

These hot celebrity men deliver a variety of facial expressions when they're acting or performing on stage, and their sexy lips contribute to their craft. From heart shaped mouths, to thin and oval shaped, to downturned, to a large and plump lip, these hot men attract audiences all over the world with their lips. So whether you're a fan of Tom Hardy's wide and flirty smile, Brad Pittl's sweet and perfectly shaped puckers, or Ian Somerhalder's mysterious smirk, this list of hot men's famous lips has a collection of the best lips in the world.

Who has the best lips in Hollywood? What man has the most famous mouth in the world? This list of celebrity lips (man edition) is sure to make you want to smooch your screen. Make sure to vote for your favorite male celebrity lips and, if you don't see the man attached to your favorite kissers, make sure to add him to the list of hot men with sexy lips.
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