The Best Christmas Commericals Anything

The Best Christmas Commericals

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List Criteria: Commercials can be about anything, but must be Christmas-themed or set around the time of Christmas

The best Christmas commercials include animated classics and several vintage spots that may still be aired today. The ads on this list are those most of us know well and love. Many of the retro Christmas ads feature encounters with Santa Claus, not surprisingly. Some are adorable, others are straight up tearjerkers, but all of the holiday commercials listed here are memorable in some way. Which nostalgic Christmas commercials do you think are the best? Vote for your favorites, and of course, vote down any ads that you don't like.

Christmas is a big time for advertisers. Whether it's ads for Christmas candy or one of those famous Hallmark ads, TV viewers are subjected to countless holiday commercials each season. Some of the commercials have a Christmas theme, but they can also be more general, so they can air throughout the winter. One good example of this is the Campbell's melting snowman ad: Yes, it includes a variation of the holiday carol "Let it Snow," but it never actually says anything about Christmas. Smart move, because the ad can air for several months beyond the holidays. Others include memorable Hallmark Christmas commercials and many more seasonal ads.

What are the best Christmas commercials of all time? Take a look at these famous ads and see what are some memorable Christmas commercials.

The best Christmas commercials, quite honestly, can rank right up there with awesome Christmas TV specials in terms of holiday nostalgia. They tug at our heartstrings, make us laugh and make us hungry. Enjoy, and have a happy holiday!
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    McDonald's Christmas Commercial

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    There is a reason this classic McDonald's gift certificate Christmas commercial is on this list. Take a good look at the excited little boy leaving the gift certificate for Santa Claus. Does he look familiar? No? He should: That's Corey Feldman, circa 1975. You're welcome.
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    Coca Cola Christmas Commercial: Polar Bears and Penguins

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    This brilliantly beautiful 2008 Coca Cola Christmas polar bears commercial is adorable. Because it's Christmas, and polar bears and penguins should share Coca Cola and party together during the holidays. Would this cute Christmas gathering ever really happen? No. Why? Because polar bears live in the North Pole and penguins live in the South Pole. Still, nice idea.
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    M&M's Meet Santa Claus

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    Yellow M&M: "So, you think Santa will like these red and green M&Ms?"

    Red M&M: "I don't know, I never met the guy." (Santa is behind them, leaving presents)

    Red M&M: "Wahh ha! He does exist!"

    Santa: "They do exist..." (Santa promptly faints)

    Yellow M&M: "Uhhh, Santa?"
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    Hershey's Kisses Christmas Commercial

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    Little bits of chocolate playing "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" - simple, effective, and festive.
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    Folger's Coffee: Peter Comes Home

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    Little Sister: "Peter!"

    Peter: "Merry Christmas."

    Little Sister: "Everyone's asleep."

    Peter: "I know how to wake them up..." (brews a pot of Folger's coffee)

    Mom: "Peter!" (hugs her son) "Oh, you're home!"

    Peter: "I missed you mom."
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    Hallmark Christmas Commercial: Tom Comes Home

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    Johnny: "I was ten years old that Christmas. That was the time my brother Tom was working in Europe. We hadn't seen him for over a year. Every Christmas Tom and I used to sing together for the family. I sure missed him."

    Grandma: "Johnny, a Christmas card came here for you."

    Johnny: "From Tom? Tommy! Mom, it's Tommy! Dad, Tom's coming for Christmas! He's coming here!" (excitedly runs around with the card from Tommy) "That was the year it really snowed. I waited for Tom, and I waited. Aunt Nelle and the rest of the family barely made it through. No sign of Tom. That was the longest day I can remember. Dinner came, and it went. Still no Tom." (Kids looking at presents, as Johnny looks out the window)

    Dad: "Tom will get here."

    Johnny: "I sure hope so." (Gets up to sing) "I felt very lonely, standing there by myself." (Starts to sing "O' Holy Night" by himself, as Tommy sneaks in the front door, and then joins him)
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    Fruity Pebbles Christmas Commercial

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    Fred: "Yummy Fruity Pebbles in our bowls. Oh, here comes you know who..." (hands Santa a bowl of Fruity Pebbles)

    Santa: "Yabba Dabba fruit delicious doo!"

    Barney: "Ho ho ho, I'm hu-hu-hungry..." (slides down the chimney) "Santa?! My Pebbles!"

    Fred: "Your Pebbles?!"

    Santa: "Tis the season to be sharing Fred."

    Fred: (Hands Barney a bowl of Pebbles): "Happy Holidays, pal."

    Barney: "Oh, Fred..."
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    Coca Cola Christmas Commercial

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    "I'd like to teach the world to sing, in perfect harmony..."

    Let's hit the way-back button and take a look at one of Coke's most iconic commercials ever: The Christmas hilltop commercial. Hundreds of hippies singing in "perfect harmony" -- doesn't get more feel-good than that. This spot should be brought back, immediately, for this Christmas and all future Christmases until the end of time.
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