The Best Cover Songs of Recent Memory pt. 1 Bands/Musicians

The Best Cover Songs of Recent Memory pt. 1

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How often do you see a non hit song with a killer original version get covered multiple times, by artists in totally different genres, with the end result of 3 unique definitive versions? "No One's Gonna Love You" by Band of Horses, produces this hat trick. The song was the second single off the album Cease to Begin, which was released in 2007. Check out the original as well as the shockingly great versions by 2 genre-hoppers (Cee-Lo and the opera singer Renee Fleming).

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    This is probably the version of this song that has been heard by the most people. I think this was recorded for a split 7" originally, but it was so good it ended up as one of the highlights of Cee-Lo's 2010 album "The Ladykiller".
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    Renée Fleming
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    Renee Fleming - No One's Gonna Love You found on Chillout

    I can't say that I've ever listened to Fleming's opera recordings, but apparently she's one of the biggest opera singers of her generation. She recently did an adventuresome album Dark Hope covering rock songs with a contemporary-sounding band including the amazing Rusty Anderson who has been Paul McCartney's guitarist for the last decade or so. I highly recommend this album overall - while it has a handful of more "obvious" covers like Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes", it also ventures into deep left field (I can't recall ANY other major artist covering The Mars Volta). This BOH cover is arguably the highlight of a strong, unique album.
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    Band of Horses Live Version

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