The Best Cowboy Boots Companies
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The Best Cowboy Boots

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The best cowboy boots are well made, beautifully stitched and offer protection and comfort. Western cowboy boots can be worn by men and women. They're not just for people out wrangling cattle on the ranch, anymore. Authentic cowboy boots are usually a great investment: they last for years, and get better with every wear. But that great wear comes at a price. Cowboys, cowgirls, and regular Joes are used to ponying up big bucks for expensive boots. But there are other less pricey options.

I've listed some of the biggest and best cowboy boots brands (for both sexes) here. These companies are known for making quality boots that are both functional and fashionable. If you're a cowboy boot fan and have a favorite brand that's on the list, vote it up. And if you know of a great boot brand that isn't listed here, add it.

Western cowboy boots are incredibly stylish, but they're also pretty practical. A high quality boot is durable and can be worn daily. Unlike riding boots, true cowboy boots are a bit shorter, with a slightly lower heel. The exception: Cowboy boots for women. Some of the classic ladies' cowboy boots do feature a higher heel, colorful leather (red cowboy boots, for example, remain popular) and embellishments like rhinestones and even tassels.

Men's cowboy boots do tend to be on the traditional side, with classic colors like black, tan and deep brown. The boots are pull-on, and they feature a tapered toe (for riders, this helps to ease the foot into the stirrups). If you're doing a lot of horseback riding, a classic cowboy boot would work best. Save the more fashionable Western boots for other occasions.

Who makes the best cowboy boots? What are the best cowboy boot brands? The top cowboy boots aren't always the most comfortable -- at least not at the start. A good pair of boots should fit your feet well at the outset, but keep in mind that the leather will stretch a bit over time. Be sure your feet are measured, too. The fit of a good cowboy boot can be a bit different than a regular pair of shoes. If you're spending several hundred dollars on a Western boot, it makes sense to be sure you get it right. Prices for cowboy boots vary greatly, depending on the brand and the kind of leather. Cowhide leather is common, but cowboy boots are also made out of ostrich, snakeskin, bison and alligator.

Good luck finding your next great pair of Western cowboy boots. Hopefully this list will help you out.
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