The Best Current Sitcoms

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List Criteria: Vote for your favorite TV sitcoms currently airing new episodes.

The best current TV sitcoms are those funny situational comedy shows that keep us laughing during their current original runs. Mainstays of the network television primetime lineups, these best current sitcoms are among the funniest shows on television today with witty jokes and lovable characters. If you need a good laugh after a long day, these best current TV sitcoms are the cream of the crop.

While popular sitcoms like Friends and Seinfeld may be gone, there are more great new sitcoms than ever before. Streaming services like Netflix and Amazon have broke down barriers by creating some of the best new sitcoms like Transparent and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Shows like South Park and The Simpsons still produce great new episodes while also being the best adult cartoons ever. 

But there are plenty more where that came from. Other current favorite sitcoms include ABC's Modern Family, CBS's The Big Bang Theory, Fox's Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and many great cable network sitcoms like Louie, Veep, and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Which current television sitcom keeps you and the family in stitches? Vote up your favorite current TV sitcoms, add any that are missing or re-rank this list of the best current TV sitcoms in your own order, all below!
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