The Best Ever Movie Fight Scenes Films

The Best Ever Movie Fight Scenes

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These are the best fight scenes. Ever. Beat these, I challenge you. These are fightin' words.
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    This goes first. Sure it isn't the most action packed fight scene in the world, but the context really makes it all. We have a drunk Jean Claude Van Damme that has been training so hard his body can barely take it. His master takes him out for a drink after he feels he's ready.

    The master gets him drunk, then gets him to dance with people's girlfriends so they'll be pissed. This is the first way that he proves himself after one of, arguably, the most fun and cool training sequences ever.

    Also, he's dancing.
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    I have never watched Gymkata in its entirety, but I can tell you it will rock your ass off before you go to sleep/decide to do something PRODUCTIVE on a Saturday early afternoon.
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    Also, isn't the title about the antagonist? If you watch this video, this guy is MORE than defeatable.

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    One shot, one hammer, everyone gets tired, and it forces you to realize one thing you probably don't think about when watching fight scenes: fighting is EXHAUSTING.
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