The Best Eyeshadow for Blue Eyes Anything

The Best Eyeshadow for Blue Eyes

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The best eyeshadow for blue eyes brings out the vibrant, natural eye color without overpowering. Eyeshadow colors for blue eyes include shades of brown, purple and yes, even some blues! Choosing the right shadow to emphasize blue eyes is a must when putting together a polished, beautiful makeup look. What looks best? I've suggested several great blue-eyed eyeshadow options here, along with ways to use the colors to really bring out the breathtaking color in eyes.

People with blue eyes have a lot of great eye shadow color options. Whether it's a great creme eyeshadow or a shimmery powder shadow, finding the right product can really make a difference. The best eyeshadows can enhance your baby blues, allowing them to really stand out. An eyeshadow palette designed specifically for blue eyes can really help when it comes to picking the right base shade and complimentary shadow shades, too.

Are there certain eye shadow shades that people with blue eyes shouldn't use? Honestly, there's no hard and fast rule on this. Shades of blue eyes vary greatly, and what looks phenomenal on one person might fall terribly flat on another. That's partly because eye color and skin color are important - some eyeshadow shades won't work with certain skin tones. The best approach is to purchase a less pricey eyeshadow that you can return (if the color doesn't work) or test the product in cosmetic stores before you buy. Try the shadow on and wear it for a few hours, to check for staying power, too. Some eyeshadows wear off way too quickly. You'll want something for your blue eyes that will stay on through a busy work day or party night!

Looking for the absolute greatest brands of eyeshadow? Check out this list for some of the best eyeshadow on the market today, including some gorgeous palettes. And if you're interested in great eyeshadow options for other eye colors, check out these lists of the best eyeshadows for hazel eyes, green eyes and brown eyes.

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    Bronze eyeshadow is almost always a great choice for people with blue eyes. The bronze tones can vary from light to much darker, so play around with your bronze shadow to determine what works best. A lighter bronze shadow, for example, can be used on the brow bone area to emphasize blue eyes, while a deeper bronze can be used on lids and in the crease to define eyes and make them stand out.
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    Brown eyeshadow is a go-to for people with blue, brown, green or even hazel eyes. The neutral shade flatters almost any eye color. As with other types of eyeshadow, browns come in a wide variety of different shades - from deep, rich chocolate to a light, shimmery tan. Brown is one of those shadows where you almost can't go wrong!
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    Purple eyeshadow shades for blue eyes range from a true, deeper purple to a rich plum or even a lighter shade in the purple family, like lavender. When paired with blue eyes, plum eyeshadow, in particular, can really bring out the eye color beautifully. Violet also works well with blue eyes.
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    Shades of peach eyeshadows usually work quite well on those with blue eyes. A subtle, soft peachy shade can be a great base color for other shadows, especially people who are blessed with gorgeous baby blues!
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    Pink shades of eyeshadow can really brighten blue eyes and make them stand out. A lighter shade of pink can be paired with shades of brown, making for a gorgeous compliment. The subtle shades of pink, in particular, are almost a neutral for some with blue eyes. For a more dramatic effect, choose a brighter, more vibrant pink and sweep across lids and brow. For even more pop, combine with a bright violet shade - your baby blues will positively glow!
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    Grey colored eyeshadows are especially flattering to fair-skinned people with very light blue eyes. Shades with grey-blue undertones can be extremely flattering. A silvery-grey powder can also be used to emphasize eyes, especially when one wears the so-called 'smokey eye' look.
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    Deep Blue

    Wait, what? Yes, deep blue eyeshadow can indeed really look gorgeous on some people with blue eyes. The old rule that you shouldn't ever wear the same color eyeshadow as your eyes is outdated! As with all eyeshadow colors, this depends on the person (their eye color and their skin tone), but blue eyes can really sing when emphasized with a deep blue shadow. This is one of those colors where experimentation may be necessary. Once you find the right blue shade, though, wow!
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    Taupe is definitely in the brown family, but it also has one foot in the gray family as well. Either way, taupe is probably the single best neutral eyeshadow shade for blue-eyed people. A great, true taupe color can be worn by virtually anyone with any shade of blue eyes. Sweep a shimmery taupe across lids for an everyday look that flatters, or use in the crease and pair with a shimmery light pink or violet for a stunning effect.
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    Amber? Yes, amber! Not everyone with blue eyes can wear amber - but for those who can, it's golden (so to speak). Amber is one of those gorgeous shades (in the gold family) that can really bring out incredible blue in eyes. It's also one of those eyeshadow shades that either works beautifully with skin tone, or looks really, really bad. A light amber shadow can be used on the brow bone for emphasis, and the shade blends really well with shades of brown.
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    Cream might seem like a boring eyeshadow color, especially compared to some of the bolder choices, but it's a must-have in your collection if you have blue eyes. Why? Because a great cream (or bone) color is the staple for emphasizing the brow bone and thus, bringing out all of the other wonderful eyeshadow shades you've just swept across your lids. Cream shadows can also be used around the lash line to draw attention. Trust me, cream blends really well with any of the other eyeshadow colors for blue eyes I've mentioned!
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