The Best Eyeshadow for Green Eyes Anything

The Best Eyeshadow for Green Eyes

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The best eyeshadow for green eyes is one that compliments the natural color of the eye. What are the best eyeshadow colors for green eyes? Green-eyed people are lucky - they can get away with a lot of different eyeshadow colors. Each one enhances the eyes, making them look even more vibrant. What are the best eye shadows for green eyes? If you're fortunate enough to have green eyes, you've got a ton of excellent eyeshadow color options and lots of makeup ideas for green eyes. 

I've listed several of the best eye shadow choices for green eyes here, but keep in mind that it's all about experimentation. Not every person with green eyes, for example, will look amazing wearing violet shadow (though many do). When you're trying to find the best shadows for green eyes, the idea is to experiment. Try on a variety of different shades in different combinations to see what works best. If you're going for a dramatic look, consider pairing a deep plum eyeshadow with a charcoal one. Daytime? You might consider wearing a neutral shade (like a beige or tan) with a slightly darker shade (like chocolate brown) for a little "pop."

What is the best eyeshadow for green eyes? Wearing different shades of eyeshadow is one of the best ways to change up your makeup look. With so many colors to choose from, the possibilities are virtually endless. One thing to remember: Your skin tone and hair color, as well as your eye color, does matter when selecting the best eyeshadow colors. You want the eyeshadow to work in harmony with your whole look - not just your eyes. Again, the best advice is to try out different colors and combinations before you're ready to face the world. And always, always be sure to choose high quality shadows - no matter what the color. This list of the best eyeshadows is a great place to start.

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    Beige is a great base color for green eyes. The subtle color compliments and enhances. Earthy shades of eyeshadow, like beige, work wonderfully with green eyes. Using a good beige as a daytime staple is a must! You can also use beige shadows as a way to set off more dramatic eyeshadow colors for evening.
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    Tan is another absolute "go-to" when it comes to eyeshadow for green eyes. This neutral is versatile - use it as an all-over base shadow and then pair with a more vibrant eyeshadow shade, or wear it alone for a great, natural daytime look. Hint: If you love cream eyeshadows, you can find some excellent tan and beige shades that can double as eyeshadow primers.
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    If high drama is your thing when it comes to eyeshadows, charcoal is a great choice if you've got green eyes. If you're doing a smokey eye, charcoal is a staple. The darker shade is perfect for blending and it really does make green eyes pop.
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    Plum eyeshadows really set off green eyes, as the two colors contrast beautifully. Plum can really highlight the green in your eyes and make them appear larger and more vibrant. You can also use this shade lightly, for a day look that's polished and professional, or more heavily, for a gorgeous nighttime smoky eye look.
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    Green eyes look phenomenal when paired with a beautiful, shimmery gold eyeshadow. For added effect, use gold eyeshadow under brows for highlighting and on the inside corner of the eyes to add dimension and make green eyes stand out. The result takes your look up several notches - from attractive to incredible!
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    Chocolate Brown

    Chocolate brown is one of those amazing colors that just seems to compliment any eye color, but it's particularly effective for green eyes. Almost any shade of brown will work beautifully to bring out the vibrant green in your eyes, but chocolate brown is particularly great as an accent in the crease to give eyes more depth.
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    If you're in the mood to wear a unique eyeshadow color that will make your green eyes really stand out, consider using a hunter green shade. You know that rule about not wearing shadows the same color as eyes? Yeah, forget that. Hunter green, and really almost any shade of green (including olive), will make your green eyes sparkle with life!
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    Like charcoal, a good grey will really emphasize green eyes. Sweep a coat of grey on lids and you've instantly added big-time glamour to your look! Silver doesn't always work well on some with green eyes, so make sure that the grey eyeshadow shade you select is a bit more on the "steel" side of the spectrum.
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    All shades of purple tend to compliment green eyes. Violet eyeshadow is one of those that you'll want to use when you're going for a high-drama look. The color looks amazing on green eyes - the soft blue undertones bring out the natural eye color and make your eyes sparkle.
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    Peach-colored eyeshadow makes green eyes look incredible! Try using a beautiful, rich peach shade on lids and then pair it with a chocolate brown or bronze color in the crease. The peach instantly livens up eyes, especially if you are a fair-haired person with green eyes.
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