The 10 Best Eyeshadow Colors for Hazel Eyes Colors
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The 10 Best Eyeshadow Colors for Hazel Eyes

Finding the best eyeshadow color for hazel eyes can be challenging. Eyeshadow shades for hazel eyes bring out the best colors, creating a beautiful, dramatic effect. Which is the best eyeshadow for hazel eyes? That depends on the actual color of your hazel eyes, and this is where it can be a matter of trial and error. What color are hazel eyes? Some hazel eyes are more green - others, more brown. The trick is to work with what you've got and find the best eyeshadow to bring out the beauty! The eyeshadow for hazel eyes listed here will make your eyes look their best.

Hazel eyes are particularly unique. So, what are the best eyeshadow colors for hazel eyes? The shades of hazel can vary so much, and some people with hazel eyes actually have flecks of green, yellow or brown near the iris. What you want to do with eyeshadow and hazel eyes is to bring out that particular color and really make your eyes pop. Take a look in the mirror: are your hazel eyes closer to light brown? You might benefit from going with the best eyeshadow shades for brown eyes. Are your eyes much more green than brown? You can probably get away with the best shadows for green eyes. Having hazel eyes can make eyeshadow fun! You simply want to find the right eyeshadow shades to enhance your natural eye color.

Hazel eye make up and makeup ideas for hazel eyes are essential for how to make hazel eyes pop. One thing to remember: Make sure you're using a really high-quality eyeshadow to emphasize your hazel eyes. You want to find the best eyeshadow that offers complimentary different shades, too: a darker tone for your lash line and creases and slightly lighter tones for sweeping across your lids and just below your brow. You can choose cream eyeshadows or powders - both come in great color palettes, and both can have excellent staying power. For some great suggestions, check out this list of some of the best eyeshadows on the market.

This list offers some excellent eyeshadow colors for hazel eyes, but it is by no means an absolute. Finding what works best for you is the key - and that may involve a little bit of experimentation.

If you're looking for other great eyeshadow options for other eye colors, check out these lists for the best eyeshadows for blue eyes, green eyes, and brown eyes.

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    Burnt sienna can be an excellent eyeshadow color for many different eye colors, including hazel. This shade is definitely in the "brown" category, though it's more of a mid-range brown with a hint of rust (and definitely darker than bronze). If your hazel eyes have flecks of light brown in them, wearing burnt sienna could really bring that out. Try blending the burnt sienna with other shades (including bronze and a more classic brown) for high drama.
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    Carnelian is another great shade of eyeshadow that can really make hazel eyes look incredible. This shade is quite similar to burnt sienna, though it's a bit more on the red end of things. I've seen several different shades of carnelian - ranging from a lighter color to a dramatic, smoky dark. If you're going with a darker carnelian on your hazel eyes, use a light touch. Layering is important. Start with just one sweep of shadow and, if that's not enough, gradually add a little more.
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    Whether your hazel eyes have more green in them or more brown, violet and plum shades of eyeshadow can really enhance the natural color. A light violet or plum on the lids can really bring out the beauty in hazel eyes - but so can a darker, stronger purple shade. Combining the two? That can be eyeshadow glory!
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    Anything with gold flecks in it will catch the golden tones in your eyes, instantly warming them up and making your whole face appear warmer as a result. Pair with big lashes, bronze cheeks and natural lips for an overall bronze goddess look.
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    Ah, silver shadow! Silver shadows are a must when creating a true smoky eye effect - especially when you have hazel eyes. Silver is wonderful, because it blends so beautifully with so many other eyeshadow shades. Try using silver as your base shadow and then blending some of these other hazel eyeshadow colors over it. If you're really going bold, add a super-dark gray or even a black eyeshadow over it.
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    Believe it or not, green is one of the components of hazel. So, it makes sense that putting green next to hazel will bring out the green tones in your eyes. In this case, being a green-eyed monster is definitely a good thing! British racing green is a bit darker and more exotic than other shades of green, but putting it on lids (particularly in the crease) can really make some shades of hazel eyes pop!
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