The Best Female Disney Role Models Fictional Characters

The Best Female Disney Role Models

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    Princess Aurora
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    Aurora's only character-driven action was being none too pleased with meeting the prince - at first.
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    A lovable and trustworthy girl, but no action figure.
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    Princess Snow White
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    She wasn't very proactive - then again her role didn't allow her too.
  4. 16
    Princess Eilonwy
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    At least she was feisty!
  5. 15
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    Cinderella gets some points for not sticking with fate.
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    Jasmine is likable and her rage against unwanted potential husbands is understandable.
  7. 13
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    Ariel gives off somewhat of a weird message - if you defy your parents, you'll turn out to be right?
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    A loving, doting mother figure to all.
  9. 11
    A strong leader for her people, if it weren't for her decreased role at the hands of executive meddling.
  10. 10
    Shows girls that they can be high ranking officials too, but she gets injured halfway during Act II.
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    Sassy, snarky and not accepting of love, but also brave and willing to make sacrifices.
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    Rapunzel's spunk and joy in life enlighten those around her, but ultimately she doesn't commit to any kind of heroism.
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    Nala is strong and aware of her duties - unfortunately she doesn't get much action.
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    Nani bravely takes care of her little sister after their parents died and desperately tries to keep her out of the hands of social services.
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    Belle does a lot of sacrificing to save those around her, but she won't accept a marriage proposal from a stronger man and she won't tolerate brutish behavior.
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    In any other film, she would be just a victim. In here, she is defiant and strong at heart even when the odds are against her, and heroically intervenes in the climax.
  17. 3
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    Pocahontas goes through a character arc of learning to be wise, respectful and choosing her own path. She grows into a leader, gives resonating speeches, chooses duty and rationalism over love and never ceases to jump in front of the wagon for those she loves.
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    Princess Tiana works her ass off for whatever she achieves and is morally superior enough to resist a deal with the devil as an easy way out.
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    Mulan teaches us that you needn't be a boy to be a man, and that being a man is about strength from the inside, bravery and learning to do what's right even when everyone tells you not to.
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