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Female musical duos have been around for as long as musicians have been hanging out and jamming together. Although they’re often criminally overlooked, female musicians are a massive part of pop music today. It's a mystery as to why these artists aren’t as popular or celebrated as their male counterparts in the industry, but it's a fact that they write amazing music, and more often than not, get people out on the dance floor. Whether it’s two sisters bonding over their love of songwriting, or two friends coming together to form an impenetrable suit of musical armor, the female duos on this list are some of the best that have ever existed.

The musical duos on this list weren’t put together to fit into any genre of music. The only criteria here are: two female musicians working together to make good music. Each of the groups on this list have at least one total jam that you know you've sung along to while driving at top speed with your windows down, if there needs to be another criteria for best anything, it hasn't been discovered yet. If you haven’t heard of some of the female artists on this list, take some time to go down a musical rabbit hole after you’re finished reading, and maybe you’ll find your new favorite band.

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Wendy & Lisa

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It's a shame that Wendy & Lisa aren't synonymous with songwriting duos like John and George, and Jagger and Richards. These two ladies co-wrote some of the best songs of the '80s with Prince, before going on to write for artists like Gwen Stefani, Madonna, and OK Go.
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The Weather Girls

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CocoRosie might be one of the weirdest pop bands that's ever existed. They got their start (supposedly) recording in a bath tub somewhere in France. see more on CocoRosie
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Icona Pop

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When did Sweden become the new pop capital of the world? Icona Pop follows in the tradition of creating in your face, brash pop music like their fellow compatriots Robyn, The Knife, Miike Snow, and Ace of Base. We welcome our new fist pumping, synth blaring Swedish overlords. May they be merciful in their rule.  see more on Icona Pop
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