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List Rules Teen pop acts from the 1990s to the 2000s that are no longer relevant.

What to say about the teen pop movement. Beginning in the late 1980s, the teen pop phase in music has always been an infectious, fun, and upbeat guilty pleasure. The songs stay in your head, though often times annoyingly, but as for the artists that made them? Every boy-band you can remember from the '90s have virtually disappeared. Justin Timberlake, of *NSYNC fame is probably the only former boy-bander that was able to find success well into his adult life. Nick Lachey of 98 Degrees is a regular on reality TV, but wasn't able to capitalize on his boy-band success since the group broke up. The Backstreet Boys are still together and working on material, but nobody cares. The women of that time fared much better. Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Beyonce (of Destiny's Child), and Pink all became megastars. Mandy Moore continues to make records, but has been more successful in other endeavors, as has Jessica Simpson. For the most part, however, the sub-genre produced a large number of here today, gone tomorrow type acts. Does anyone remember LFO with their hit "Summer Girls" in 1999? What ever happened to Willa Ford, teen pop's first "bad girl"? Where did S Club 7, the British pop group with a successful ABC Family show of the same name, ever go? Those names are foreign to a generation of Justin Beiber and Miley Cyrus, but luckily (or unfortunately), someone has remembered these acts and more and we will vote on which act we remember and miss the most. Some of these acts you can say are underrated, and some of them you may never want to see again. Anyways, this list is for anyone with '90s nostalgia and shameless enough to vote!
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S Club Seeing Double, Don't Stop Movin', Natural

The Absolute Best '80s Dance Moves (in GIF Form) The Best Singers of All Time

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O-Town O2, O-Town, All or Nothing

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Five 5ive, Kingsize, Until the Time Is Through

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Dream It Was All a Dream, He Loves U Not, This Is Me (Remixes)

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Westlife Westlife, ...Allow Us to Be Frank, The Love Album

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3LW Feelin' You, A Girl Can Mack, 3LW

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Samantha Mumba Gotta Tell You, Gotta Tell You, The Collection

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BBMak Sooner or Later, Into Your Head, Back Here

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Daniel Bedingfield If You’re Not the One, Gotta Get Thru This, Second First Impression

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Take That Beautiful World, Everything Changes, Nobody Else

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Willa Ford Willa Was Here, A Toast to Men (F**k the Men), I Wanna Be Bad

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M2M Shades Of Purple [CD Bonus Tracks], The Big Room, Synger kjente barnesanger

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Blaque Blaque Out, Blaque Ivory, Cuts 1

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Hoku Hoku, Listen Up

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Lyte Funky Ones Life Is Good, LFO, Summer Girls

The Best Pop Songs About Saying Goodbye The Worst Albums by Great Bands

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Cleopatra Steppin' Out, Comin' Atcha!, Cleopatra's Theme

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Dream Street Dream Street

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Play Play Around The Christmas Tree, Don't Stop the Music, Play

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Youngstown Let's Roll, Down for the Get Down, I'll Be Your Every Thing

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Busted Sleeping With the Light On, You Said No, Crashed the Wedding

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LMNT All Sides

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Evan and Jaron Evan and Jaron, We've Never Heard of You Either, Half Dozen

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Wild Orchid Wild Orchid, Oxygen, Hypnotic

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Sammie Sammie, From the Bottom to the Top, I Like It

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Stevie Brock Stevie Brock