parodies The Funniest (Viral) Street Fighter Parody Videos

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The best Street Fighter parody videos on the internet, votable, in one place. From the hilarious "Cat Fighter" parody, to the extremely huge and viral Church Edition, where Street Fighter sound effects are thrown into real-life video of people going nuts in churches, to create a magically comedic effect. 

Funny Street Fighter parodies are kind of hard to come by, as there are an unlimited amount of dedicated nerds making remixes, fight videos and otherwise, but this is really the cream of the crop. So vote on each Street Fighter video if you like it and downvote the ones you don't, so that the list is in the best possible order. 
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Cat Fighter II (Why Did I Watch the Whole Thing?)

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The Entire Guile Theme Meme (Click on the Pic)

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Blanka Is a Troll (Ep 1)

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Street Fighter II: Church Edition (Stick With It)

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Madden Vs. Street Fighter

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Guy Fights Against His Own Hand

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The Best Street Fighter Stop Motion Ever Made

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10 Minutes of Jean Claude Van Damme Fight Scenes to Street Fighter Sounds/Music