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Best Guitar Teams

Typical Best Guitarist rankings are not usually fair to the "team players" of great guitar bands. This list is for them - usually duos, but sometimes even triple-threat guitar teams. Some of these teams are "dual lead" guitars (they are all going to be Metal bands, often with Flying V's in the mix of course), others a more traditional lead/rhythm guitar approach, and still others are fluid. Most of the greatest rock guitar duos are on here, but I'm sure I've forgotten a few and will keep adding to this list. Note that given how fluid the lineups of some of the great hard rock bands have been (Thin Lizzy, anyone?), I've went with bandnames vs the names of the specific players.

This list is very hard to "rank" - everyone on this list is deserving, plus it's hard to compare Metal to Experimental to Rock in one ranking. But these are the cream of the crop for guitar playing duos.
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  1. 1
    Blues-rock, Boogie rock, Rock music More
  2. 2
    New Wave, Rock music, Protopunk More
  3. 3
    Celtic rock, Blues-rock, Rock music More
  4. 4
    Blues-rock, Rock music, Protopunk More
  5. 5
    New Wave of British Heavy Metal, Heavy metal, Hard rock More
  6. 6
  7. 7
    Indie rock More
  8. 8
    Outlaw country, Blues-rock, Boogie rock More
  9. 9
    Noise rock, Rock music, No wave More
  10. 10
    New Wave of British Heavy Metal, Thrash metal, Power metal More
  11. 11
    Glam metal, Heavy metal, Hard rock More
  12. 12
    Rock music, Grunge, Post-grunge More
  13. 13
    Rock music, Experimental rock, Folk rock More
  14. 14
    Rock music, Folk rock, Jam band More
  15. 15
    Rock music, Alternative rock, Alternative country More
  16. 16
    Blues-rock, Rock music, Folk rock More
  17. 17
    Blues-rock, Boogie rock, Rock music More
  18. 18
    Thrash metal, Rock music, Heavy metal More
  19. 19
    Blues-rock, Boogie rock, Rock music More
  20. 20
    Rock music, Grunge, Heavy metal More
  21. 21
    Progressive metal, Rock music, Power metal More
  22. 22
    Glam metal, Thrash metal, Power metal More
  23. 23
    Doom metal, Thrash metal, Progressive metal More
  24. 24
    Glam metal, Thrash metal, Rock music More

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