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Best Gun Manufacturers

List Criteria: Browning will always win, maybe, that is?

The Best of the best of the United States Gunmakers

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    Remington Firearms

    Designs pretty basically by Browning Arms Co.

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    Barrett Firearms's .50 caliber semi-auto rifle is the most accurate .50 caliber rifle ever in history while standing also! Can actually blow-up a tank of any kind except the Russian ones, I think?!?!?

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    Designs the SCAR-H semi-auto rifle, BAR (helped), P90, FN something, who knows, just a tactical gun maker now for U.S. and other european countries.

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    Mossberg Arms

    Designs great bolt action rifles and greater shotguns for hunting or trap shooting also. Great manufacturer!

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    Savage Arms Co.

    Savage is truthfully my favorite firearms maker of first time being really interested in guns. I actually like Savage for it's famous bolt-action rifles. 

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    Browning Arms Co.

    Browning Arms Co. is the best of all gun manufacturers with the successful semi-automatic pistol mechanisms. The help of the Colt M1911 model which was successful greatly but inaccurate sometimes. John Browning has designed the most coolest and appealing firearms since he was pretty much able to.

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