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Best Gun Manufacturers

List Criteria: Browning will always win, maybe, that is?

The Best of the best of the United States Gunmakers
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    Remington Firearms

    Designs pretty basically by Browning Arms Co.

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    Barrett Firearms Manufacturing

    Barrett Firearms's .50 caliber semi-auto rifle is the most accurate .50 caliber rifle ever in history while standing also! Can actually blow-up a tank of any kind except the Russian ones, I think?!?!?

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    Savage Arms Co.

    Savage is truthfully my favorite firearms maker of first time being really interested in guns. I actually like Savage for it's famous bolt-action rifles. 

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    Mossberg Arms

    Designs great bolt action rifles and greater shotguns for hunting or trap shooting also. Great manufacturer!

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    Marlin Firearms is usually considered by it's buyers for it's high accuracy, powerful, centerfire accurate rifles that are about 70% all semi-automatic rifles that are .22 calibers.

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