Best Hard Rock Albums Of The 90's Albums
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Best Hard Rock Albums Of The 90's

List Criteria: Band/Artist can only list one release. Artists/Band Members Could Not Vote For Self.

Includes: Hard Rock,Rock,Melodic Rock,Progressive Rock,Power Metal,Thrash Metal,Progressive Metal,Gothic Metal,Melodic Metal,Symphonic Metal,Crossovers.Does not include: Black/Core metal, Pop, garage rock, college rock, indy rock.A more true list from multi-site reviews,polling industry reviewers/connoisseurs and pro musicians that are open to to all releases rather than personal opinion swayed by mass marketing.Although the list is listed by votes, I wouldn't take too much notice of order but actually who made it to the numbered order list can be perfected due to many different tastes of individuals(a pointless endless debate)However,reflects a more true list as apposed to corrupt sales charts or magazine lists and payola corrupt corporate media system pushing what they want the public to buy.A True Hard Rock/Metal List Of The 90's Reflecting Genuine Talent  (A countdown chart list to number 1)
  1. 1
    Megadeth More
  2. 2
    Judas Priest More
    Judas Priest 
  3. 3
    Death More
  4. 4
    Slayer More
  5. 5
    Dream Theater More
  6. 6
    Testament More
  7. 7

    Edge of Thorns

    Savatage More
  8. 8
    Bruce Dickinson More
  9. 9
    Annihilator More
  10. 10
    Symphony X More
  11. 11

    Dreaming Neon Black

    Nevermore More
  12. 12

    Screams and Whispers

    Anacrusis More
  13. 13
    Iced Earth More
  14. 14
    Sepultura More
  15. 15
    King Diamond More
  16. 16
    Queensrÿche More
  17. 17
    Ozzy Osbourne More
  18. 18
    Pantera More
  19. 19
    Helloween More
  20. 20
    Stratovarius More
  21. 21
    Fates Warning More
  22. 22
    King's X More
  23. 23
    Anthrax More
  24. 24
    Motörhead More
  25. 25
    Machine Head More

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