The Best/Worst Halloween Costumes That Hipsters Love to Wear Anything
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The Best/Worst Halloween Costumes That Hipsters Love to Wear

The best part of Halloween is going to the parties and seeing everyone's costumes. What's even better than that is seeing your local hipster Halloween costumes. Since hipster trends tend to be costumes in and of themselves, seeing the costumes they come up with are both hilarious and amazing. If you're interested in purchasing a good Halloween costume click here!

What makes the best hipster costumes are things that come off as just thrown together, but with enough for thought to know that there was serious time put into it. The more obscure you can get the better. Or the opposite can be great to, if the costume is obvious enough it will have that nice ironic overtone most hipsters enjoy.

What are the worst/best hipster costumes? From the usually to the completely unique, the following are just a few hipster costume ideas. Vote up your favorite.

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    Max from Where The Wild Things Are

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    A very popular costume in the hipster community, probably because it only really involves walking around in your long johns and throwing on a crown. Both of which most hipsters have.

    Click here for more humorous costumes.

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