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Best Jazz Musicians

This is my ongoing list of my favorite jazz musicians. I haven't ranked them yet, mainly because it is so hard to pick a favorite. However, Dave Brubeck, Keith Jarrett, and Henri Texier would be all at the top!

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  1. ) open
  2. Cool jazz, Third stream, Jazz

    ) open
  3. ) open
  4. Avant-garde jazz, Classical music, Smooth jazz

    ) open
  5. Hard bop, Jazz I saw him in concert several times in Boston. He is an amazing saxophonist!

    ) open
  6. Jazz, Fusion, Funk?

    ) open
  7. Rock music, Rhythm and blues, Rock and roll

    ) open
  8. Swing music, Big band, Jazz

    ) open
  9. Stride, Cool jazz, Hard bop

    ) open
  10. Jazz, Bebop

    ) open
  11. Kozmigroov, Jazz-funk, Electro

    ) open
  12. Swing music, Traditional pop music, Jazz

    ) open
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