film The Best Long Takes in TV/Movie History (no Cuts!)  

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In film making, a long take or oner is an uninterrupted shot in a film which lasts much longer than the conventional editing pace either of the film itself or of films in general, usually lasting several minutes. Long takes of a sequence filmed in one shot without any editing are rare in films. Let us pay tribute to them with a list of some of the best. This list will continue to be updated. Note that we will include scenes that appear to be long takes even though they may be cut together (e.g. Birdman). 
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Children of Men

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This is for the car scene, which only had four tries (they used the 3rd one) but it could just have easily been the Uprising scene later in the film. Check it out as well on Youtube.  see more on Children of Men
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This long take sweeps his date and the audience into the glamour of Henry Hill as he takes us through a tour of a gangster's life.  see more on Goodfellas
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Boogie Nights

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Boogie Nights has some great long takes but "Do your thing" scene definitely has the most impact.  see more on Boogie Nights
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The beginning of Gravity sets the tone of the entire movie with an amazing long take.  see more on Gravity