The Best Love Songs of 2013 Songs
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The Best Love Songs of 2013

List Criteria: Only love songs that became popular or were released in 2013.

This is a list of the best love songs of 2013 so far. Love songs are not only reserved for Valentine's day. Songs like this should be played and enjoyed all year round, as love is the emotion that makes the world move forward. From Tegan & Sara, to the girl group debuting under the name Haim, to the comeback of Justin Timberlake, this love list has it all. The repetitive and contrived hooks of Mumford & Sons continues to prove as successful for love making, but does it compare to Mariah Carey's powerhouse ballads? 
What makes a great love song? What are the greatest love songs of our time, and do the songs of 2013 come close? What are the best love songs of our generation? What artists can put a new twist on the classic feeling of love? Will these songs stand the test of time, will these songs make your relationship stronger? Can love songs redefine what we thought of as love in the first place?

It's time for you to weigh in. Your opinions matter in this ballot! Add your favorite overlooked love songs of 2013 to the list and vote like there's no tomorrow.
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