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The Best MLB Managers of All Time

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List of the best MLB Managers of all time, ranked by baseball fans according to number of career regular-season wins, leadership, charisma and that intangible x factor. Professional baseball managers have a lot of responsibility in the game of pro-baseball. Managers choose the batting order and starting pitcher before each game and make substitutions throughout the game. Most significantly, great MLB managers know just the right time to bring in a relief pitcher.

How much strategic control do managers have in baseball? It differs from manager to manager and game to game. Some managers control pitch selection, defensive positioning, decisions to bunt, steal, pitch out, etc., while others designate an assistant coach or a player (often the catcher) to make some or all of these decisions.

Some notable Major League Baseball managers choose to act as their team's first base or third base coach while their team is batting in order to more closely communicate with baserunners, but most managers delegate this responsibility to an assistant. Managers are typically assisted by two or more coaches. In many cases, top professional baseball managers are former professional, semi-professional or college players.
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