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The Best Mobile App Developer Schools

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According to a 2011 Billboard article, these are the colleges offering the best curriculum for mobile app development. These are among the top universities in the world that realize the importance of keeping up with technology within their education programs. If you're really interested in making iphone applications or learning how to write iphone apps, than these schools are probably in your best interest or you could probably attempt learning on your own, for there are hundreds of books on this topic.
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    Stanford University is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list The Best Mobile App Developer Schools
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    Not only is Stanford known for being one of the first universities to offer iPhone app development, but they might be the only college that offers a course specifically aimed at mobile music app creation. Ge Wang, the co-founder of Smule (a mobile music app developer company), is a professor at Stanford. Smule is best known for their creation of the 'I AM T-Paid' app.
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    In 2008, two students from USC created the Radio app for the iPhone, which put thousands of radio stations literally in the hands of anyone with an iPhone. Now, the university offers a variation of classes, from introductory to advanced, for both the iPhone and android phones. USC is considered an "epicenter" for app development.
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    In 2008, they became one of the first universities to formalize mobile app development as a course of study.
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    Olin College's mobile app development program combines aspects of technology, design and business strategy, offering instruction on development and entrepreneurship.
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    New York University is listed (or ranked) 5 on the list The Best Mobile App Developer Schools
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    NYU offers a wide spectrum of mobile app classes, from quick certificates to full-blown development programs. In addition, they offer courses in app marketing, mobile analytics and mobile advertising.
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