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The Best Moisturizer for Men

List of the best moisturizer for men, including face lotion and mens facial moisturizers. Tough guys may not want to admit it, but smart guys now that they need to take care of their skin just as much as the ladies. Enter face moisturizers that are designed, formulated and packaged just for men. The best men's moisturizer is designed to hydrate the skin without feeling too heavy. So what are the best moisturizers for men? Men want a fast-absorbing facial cream that offers complete protection from the elements, including an SPF, without a greasy feeling.

Some of the highest quality moisturizers for men are designed to help to soothe skin after shaving, provide adequate moisture so skin doesn't look dry and dull, fight wrinkles with ingredients like Retinol and help to protect from damaging UVA and UVB rays. Keep in mind that you'll want to use a good moisturiser twice a day to get the maximum benefit. Once you get in the habit of applying the moisturizer after washing your face and/or shaving, it will become part of your regular routine and you won't think of it as an extra step!

Skin care for men, despite what many guys think, should be different. A man's skin tends to be thicker, with larger pores and more oil glands. This means, in a nutshell guys, that you need a heavy-duty lotion. What works for women might not work for you at all. Some lotions are designed for both sexes, but not all. You also need a lotion that will help to soothe your face, which gets battered by shaving every day.

What is the absolute best moisturiser for guys? Here are some of the best choices. If you see a moisturizer for men on this list that you really like, be sure to vote it up, and if you see one that you've tried and totally hated, feel free to vote it down. 

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    Anthony Logistics is one of the best skin care lines available for men. The All Purpose Facial Moisturizer is an excellent all-purpose facial moisturizer for all skin types. The formula, which contains natural ingredients like extracts of orange and lemon (natural AHAs to help fight signs of aging), is also fragrance free.

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    Women have long known how awesome Nivea skin care products are - now, it's the guys' turn. Nivea has a whole line of products for men - from shaving to after shave lotions to face moisturizers. Nivea for Men's Protective Lotion is a great choice, with SPF 15 for sun protection and moisturizers that soothe without clogging up pores.

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    Hey guys, guess what? You need to protect your skin from the sun just as much, if not more, than women do. Billy Jealousy's Combat Lines Face Moisturizer is a great way to do it. The vitamin-enriched formula contains ingredients to help keep UVA and UVB rays from damaging your skin AND it helps to fight signs of aging. This lotion is also ultra-soothing!

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    Okay guys, if you're really not into the whole "put tons of different creams and potions on your face" bit, this moisturiser is for you. Matte for Men offers a complete line of skin care products, but the Complete Head Care Lotion is one of the best. This lotion is for everywhere: face, neck, ears, etc. It offers an SPF 25 to protect from damaging UVA and UVB rays and it's also awesome for guys with sensitive skin.

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    ACTION Anthony for Men is part of the Anthony line of skin care for guys. The ACTION line includes the High Performance Moisturizer, which is a great lotion to moisturize and diminish fine lines. The forumula contains beneficial AHAs to help defend against wrinkles and dark spots, too.

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    For men who need a truly great moisturizer after they shave, Mario Badescu's After Shave Moisturizer is a solid choice. This lotion helps to soothe skin after shaving while also adding much-needed moisture and protection. This moisturizer also has a pleasant, clean smell that isn't overly manly.

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