Most Anticipated Movies Coming Out In April 2014 Films
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Most Anticipated Movies Coming Out In April 2014

List Criteria: Must be movies released in April 2014

The best movies to come out in April include some of the most anticipated movies of 2014. April is usually the very start of the summer blockbuster season, and Aprils of years past have had some great movies come out in theaters (movie releases in April 2014, by the way, not too shabby).

Movies being released in April 2014 include Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the sequel to the popular Avenger movie, Transcendence, a heady movie about transferring the consciousness of a human into an AI environment, and Rio 2, the sequel to the neurotic bird in Brazil film.

What movies are coming out in April 2014? What is the best movie ever to come out in April? What Academy Award winning movies were released in April? Names of movies coming out in April are here on this list of movies that come out in April, waiting for users to vote on what they consider to be the greatest movie released in April 2014. This is not a complete list of films being released in April, just the good ones. If your favorite movie being released in April isn't on the list, make sure to add it to this list of the most anticipated films being released in April 2014.
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    Heaven Is for Real

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    The Other Woman

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    Draft Day

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    new! Brick Mansions

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    The Quiet Ones

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    Don Hemingway

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    Walk of Shame

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    Nymphomaniac: Part Two

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