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Best NBA Lockout Story

The best NBA lockout stories include professional basketball players taking on odd jobs to earn a buck, making a fool of themselves in front of adoring fans and of course some funny stuff along the way. Which is the best NBA lockout story of them all? We'll let you be the judge of that.

Starting on July 1, 2011, the players and the owners of the National Basketball Association bickered back and forth, negotiated and finally after 161 days came to an agreement on a labor deal. That period of the 2011 NBA lockout not only interrupted the start of the 2011-12 NBA season but also put hundreds of players out of work for those months.

However, the highly toned athletes and international superstars had little trouble finding things to do during that time. We could talk about the many players who played professional basketball overseas, perfected their game with the hopes of joining Team USA roster at the 2012 Olympics, the ones that spent time with their families or went back to school and finished degrees, but that's no fun.

The better stories are the ones where NBA stars attempted (and failed at) a new career as a stand-up comedian, like Ron Artest, or should we say Metta World Peace as the star also changed his name during the summer, or where the players perfected their planking resume like Orlando Magic teammates Gilbert Arenas and Dwight Howard did.

Going a step further, the juiciest stories have players getting arrested for marijuana possession near a Houston school, like Marcus Camby, or holding live pandas before miserably attempting some Chinese opera mask dance, like Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony.

Of course players did do some work during their time off, like Blake Griffin, who took an internship with the comedy franchise Funny or Die, and Delonte West, who applied for a $10/hour job at a furniture store.

Whatever the unemployed professional basketball players did during the lockout, be it for fun, like when Kris Humphries got married, or not so much fun, like 72 days later when Kris Humphries got divorced, it's likely safe to say the players and owners are both happy that the NBA lockout is finally over.

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    As if showing off his two left feet as a contestant on "Dancing with the Stars" and proclaiming his love for Celine Dion via Tweet was not enough excitement during the NBA lockout, Ron Artest also attempted (poorly) to start a career as a stand-up comic and changed his name to something crazier than that funky symbol Prince picked. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Metta World Peace.

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    Along with Orlando Magic teammate Gilbert Arenas, Dwight Howard used his spare time during the NBA lockout to perfect his planking skills around the world. Planking is still cool right?

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    Phoenix Suns point guard Steve Nash took an extra special job during the lockout when he joined the force as an Energy Waste Detective. But don't get too excited about the badge and the porn stache, it was only for a commercial for the energy-saving iPhone app Pocket Waste Buster.

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    Marcus Camby was going to do something constructive during the NBA lockout, but then he got high... in his Porsche that had an "equipment violation" near a school. Yep, Camby got arrested for possession of marijuana in suburban Houston during the NBA lockout. Perhaps getting high is what he really meant in this 2007 interview where he talks about flying like Superman.

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    Since only so much time can be spent holding pandas, Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul participated in some type of Chinese opera mask dance while on vacation in China, or danced with masks as people laughed, or something like that. You be the judge.

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    With the demand for professional basketball players extremely low, Delonte West found another way to keep the lights on during the lockout by taking a job as a stock clerk for a furniture company. Fans didn't believe it leading West to posting a photo of his application, complete with his explanation of his criminal record.

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